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Buds at Brighton Opening Day

Once again, the Utah chapter of TF comes through with the first submission from Brighton Opening day(s).

Featuring: Connor Brown, Dom Luza (3D), Jesse Gouveia, Orie Katsilometes, Sammy Elam, Josh Whitlock, Oliver Dixon, Nick Sappio, Alex Cato, Ted Borland, Tucker Andrews, Tucker Brown, Chris Cloud, Kevin Maples and Parker Worthen.

Film: Connor Brown and Jesse Gouveia
Edit: Connor Brown

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  • Zoid

    These guys are doing it right.

  • he$h

    i’ve seen c breezy’s thong. It had brown and white stuff all over it

  • yoshi

    that one dood stole my friend nelson languedocs style. -_____-

  • G

    Yea Dom and Nick! Killin it out there!

  • Sam Cosby

    Brighton Sucks. not enough rails

  • wean shitaker

    save some tricks for the other people to do please

  • hater skater

    it’s great to see these how much better these kids have gotten considering all the shit-talking that was going on last season

  •!/coleatencio CLA


  • hmm

    im sorry but jesse cant pull off a skinny stance.

  • speed king

    absolutely rip pin

  • minnesotanice

    best song for an edit that I have heard in some time.

  • buckertrown.

    that was good for you, josh whitlock.

  • @hmmm

    Jesse would kill it no matter what his stance was at, back off and go jerk your gerk to some newschoolers you WASTE OF LIFE.

  • ^

    ok you had me then you just got way to xtreme with it



  • Swag me out to the ball game

    HMM is just bummed he as a wide stance and still sucks

  • squares

    i only listen to drake so this was ok.

  • L2R

    Fuck off swag me out to the ball game, I still havent seen any of your stuff with your gay ass wide stance and skinny pants. FUCK TEVIN! from zeenu.

    Bens hesh

  • chubgoon

    hahahaha. ^ Live 2 Ride is so steezy and BEN MAKI is the most perfect poster child for them

  • JF

    soooo sick

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  • Wasjhitlock

    Pretty good for you as well, tucker brown

  • con dog

    sammy elam !

  • franklin

    oliver dixons a douchebag go kill yourself.. everyone else rips

  • Crawdaddy

    I love little Children

  • Andrew

    Dom and Nick doing it right!! Just don’t forget about us over at Big Boulder

  • Nate


  • T3D

    I just itched my balls to this video for 3 minutes and 37 seconds.

  • michigan

    t3d…the foke?