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Justin Fronius WFTC FULL PART

What’s better than full movies? Full parts. Because they require a much shorter attention span. Jon Stark knows what’s up, so here’s Fronius’s Working for the City Part.

And if you’re not a FAN of WFTC yet, what the fuck are you waiting for?

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Comments (29)

  1. his gun dirty, but his brick clean.

  2. crazy how this is filmed in less then 2 months… Froni is a boss

  3. crap! gotta replay it….got distracted by the doubledog ad, opps

  4. his ridin dirty. his tricks clean

    homies droppin hammers

  5. Man that 5050 backlip is puurfect. So is that nose press opener. ahh 🙂

  6. yerp. thats the shit right there

  7. that was cool

  8. tucker brown’s peoples court video was better than this!!

    JK! that shit was horrrible! now this is what’s up

  9. good dude, jereme rogers intro??

  10. front nose 2 out was fuckin legit

  11. my friend snaked this kid at wild


  13. hes just really good. no two ways about it

  14. jerm is a mark……….. backing froni and his girl and their baby since day one, hell yeah!

  15. forsure, his girl hannah has got a bun in the oven.

  16. Justin Fronius unnecessary [but very necessary] gaps onto any rail

  17. justin does not have a a kid or a bun in the oven get real you farter stop eating your farts

  18. i live with justin and i know for a fact hannah is his girl friend as well as the mother of a beautiful young child, benjamin. He has green eyes.


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