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Inturn-View: Colleen Quigley

We were so inspired by the first Internview on that we decided to do our own version!

Meet Austin “Intern” LeMoine, YoBeat intern and interviewer extraordinaire. After pursuing academics at the Kelley School of Business, Austin can now be found snowboarding, coloring at his desk, making shit or chilling. Sit back and enjoy the first of 17 “Inturn-View” videos. This week our not-so-angry intern sits down with Colleen Quigley to discuss snowboarding, getting kicked out of Portland strip clubs and frontside vs. backside. Stay tuned for more of these coming soon.

Special thanks to Paulie Cvikevich for making the rainbow graphic happen.

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Comments (23)

  1. Colleen has beautiful hair

  2. making fun of other people is way easier and funnier than coming up with your own material. i love it. so good hahaa

  3. nice but snowboarder’s was still funnier

  4. fuck the snowboarder mags intern!

    this was fire!

  5. is this a spoof of that funny or die shit with zach galifinakis or is this just a bad interview

  6. ^ wow somebody isn’t in the know with the up to the minute snowboard news

  7. is that the new coffee boy? looks just like that other bald guy that does those stupid reviews.

  8. FUCKING AWESOME. kick snowboarder mag right in the balls. idiots.

  9. only awkward because colleen is too hot.

  10. Great. Offers nothing. She’s awesome, what a fucking waste of time watching that bullshit. Haha, pretend questions because there’s nothing original in your fucking head. I guess that’s what happens when you need to sell banner ads to keep the shit show going. How about some real comedy? Some real questions or something real cool? It’s just easier to roll camera and cut stupid shit together. Too easy, cheaters.


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