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Terrible Tuesday: Eat at Spedelli’s

Mac and Sam Spedale are a couple of awesome dudes. We support their new restaurant 100%
Located on 2352 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, UT. Bring in your Brighton, Park City, or Snowbird pass for 10% off all year long!

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (13)

  1. pizza with a fork is prime. props to spedelli’s

  2. The place is half pub, half Chuckey-Cheese. There were kids running around everywhere. Snooty ski bums abound.

    The waitress got our taco order wrong and then didn’t even bother placing our pizza order.

    I ordered a Castle Rock Chardonnay. They served it in a skinny glass. I understand why they put it in that glass, they want to cheat you out of wine. There wasn’t two swallows of booze in the damn thing, but it was a full glass because of that fluted monstrosity they poured it in.

    I had to pour my Chardonnay into a beer glass so I could even drink it. A beer glass! Like some kind of a goddamned animal!