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Killington Opener MEGA POST

When you’re over hiking the muddy patch at Mt. Snow you drive a little further north and ride Killington. Once you get that pesky gondola and chairlift ride out of the way your set for a day of down rail hiking! In other words, we just got bombarded with Killington edits, so here they are (plus one we found with some smooth moves) for your viewing pleasure!

Ham Sandwich

The Killington early season park is good for two things: scorpioning on down rails thanks to your brand new board that you haven’t detuned, and training for Killington’s Loaded Turkey Jam and Rails to Riches. You know what I’m talking about bs450 on.


When your friends aren’t laying down the hammers you secretly film recent east coast heavies, i.e. Dylan Dragotta and Johnny O’Connor.

Killington Quickie

It’s good to see the tranny finders have gained enough of a following to open a new chapter in Vermont.

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Comments (19)

  1. the dude with the pickle in the first vid was slayingg it

  2. i enjoyed all of jerms comments, thanks jerm

    park pickle man, i salute you

  4. haha dakota backround props last shot

  5. those werent even the coolest maneuvers that day

  6. Funny, you criticize the kids for putting Johnny and Dylan in there video to make it cool… but how do you explain using their names for the first tags of the post when the each had like 2 shots?

  7. ^trying to up their exposure-meter scores.

  8. And guess what jerm? It worked. JOC killing it as always.

  9. haha i saw myself in the second one

  10. the last kids are NOT from vermont. everything about snowboarding is terrible, and this post proved it.

  11. ^to make little boys like you ask questions.

  12. cole navin and bar dadon, im keepin an eye on those little fuckers this winter.


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