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A Quickie with Corey Smith: The Spring Break Collab

We’re gonna try a new ploy to get you to buy stuff from our store. It’s a limited artist series! Creative, right? Whether you think so or not, the shirts will feature people and artists we like and be available for one month only. For November, we recruited COMUNE Art Director and big time ex-pro boarderCorey Smith, who requested his art on a baseball T. Since it was his vision, we said, sure! Everyone of these shirts is handprinted on American Apparel 3/4 sleeve shirts in Portland, OR and features the Spring Break Snowboard’s mascot “Booze Buddy” along with a woven Yobeat tag. All of this for a mere $25! But don’t wait, as soon as it’s not November anymore, these will be gone and you’ll have blown it.


In case you’re not convinced, here’s a quick Q & A with Corey about the project.

1. Give everyone a brief history on why you matter please.

What kind of question is that? I don’t know, I’m a creative human that seeks happiness and productivity.

2. What was your favorite aspect of snowboarding?

I still snowboard man, there’s no “was.” I don’t know, I dig it all.

3. Favorite all-time board graphic?

That’s a hard one, Maybe Tyler Lepore’s first “Totally Awesome” CAPiTA board. I really like that one. Also Wittlake’s M3 with the collage of all the homies on it.

Photo courtesy

4. How has your art career advanced since retiring?

It’s going killer Nick, you should come O.D. in my pool sometime.

5. What’s Spring Break snowboards all about?

They’re handmade abstract, primitive, powder specific snowboards. We call them Party Boards, It’s a little project I started with some friends. Its pretty much a big art project and social experiment within snowboarding. It’s probably the funnest shit I’ve done in snowboarding. SPRING BREAK NO PARENTZ NO RULZ!

6. What are you most excited about these days?

I’m looking forward to being in the mountains as much as possible this winter and snowboarding my ass off. Snowboarding with friends and enjoying life excites me. I’m hoping to travel as much as possible and ride some of my new snowboard creations.

7. How is COMUNE doing since the management drama?

110% better than ever. I love being in downtown LA. The new COMUNE office and studio is so perfect for the brand. Its hands down the most creatively and culturally inspiring place I’ve lived since I moved to Southern California.

Photo courtesy

8. Why did you say yes when we asked you to do a shirt?

I have a weak ego so when anyone asks me to do anything that will garner more notoriety I can’t help but accept.

9. What’s up with the graphic?

The graphic is “Booze Buddy” he’s the Spring Break mascot. He’s got a few friends that are into bad shit, but he’s cool. He’s loosely based on Stephan Duke. Booze buddy likes to party but he always has fun and never gets caught up.

10. What’s the coolest way the world could end in 2012?

The world is not ending in 2012. But if it did, I’d like to see gravity reverse and we all just fly up into the atmosphere in a big ball of debris.

You can check out the whole Spring Break snowboards line, and get your own at If you somehow missed it, be sure to read Corey’s Hump Day interview and oh yeah, go buy a shirt!

ps. If you “like” us on facebook, there is a code for 20% off.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (10)

  1. this rules

  2. anyone that hates on this, DONT KNOW SHIT

  3. I’m picturing how Cor-man thinks the world’s going to end and it looks trippier than when I O.D’d in Corey’s pool

  4. should be purchased alone for “loosely being based on stephen duke” haha. your comment on this, stephen?

  5. I used to work with Cory in a small skateshop owned by a guy with severe halitosis.

  6. cory is cool. dawg! like dawg! he’s a dawg! dawwwwg


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