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The Convoy: Viktor and Danimals FULL PART

Viktor Simco & Dan Liedahl, tight dudes.

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Comments (21)

  1. i wanna see an edit of all of Danimals footy.

  2. that bs 180 method was…..bad. d liedahl was ill.

  3. that back lip at the end was so sick

  4. That was a really good part for both dudes. They are slayers. What the hell is up with the titties in the double dog ad? i dunno if my computer was doin wierd stuff but i had to rewatch half that video due to tittie distractions. genius marketing dept over at forum.

  5. Get the water… Dat was awesome

  6. Even that frontside 180 over the trashcan had such good style

  7. yeah viktor….so sick

  8. danimals is un-friggin real

  9. how was noone screamin for that ender??? that was so sick

  10. Danimals may have had my favorite part from vg

  11. noseslide seatbelt, daymmmmm

  12. that was sick


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