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Rolf Nylander Full Part

You guys said you wanted more full parts so we imported this one all the way from Europe. Meet the Random Bastard Rolf Nylander.

Filmed and edited by BlindSpot Visuals.
Additional footage by Petter Schanche, Kristoffer Fahlgren, Mikael Norrman, Justin Meyer

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Comments (13)

  1. awesome! being european myself, it’s nice to see people who don’t do combos on rails and don’t dress like rainbows

  2. Rail riding is the best I hate it when people hit jumps

  3. Pretty solid part for a kid none of us have heard of. Really enjoyed the rail lines.

  4. how old is this fuckin kid? i quit

  5. was this jed anderson’s part in shoot the moon?
    i couldn’t tell except for that this kid is 12, and not jed anderson

  6. Nylinder is he’s real name though and here’s a link to the full movie >

  7. wait is this a re-edit of his part? cause i could of sworn his song was by mazzy star!

  8. WAAAAYY better than his part in tentacle


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