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Gingervitus: How to Zeach with Zach Leach

A legendary Zeach captured by the legendary Tim Zimmerman.

With the recent popularity of the zeach and the late ensuing Internet drama there’s never been a better time to address the topic straight from the source and find out what the Zeach man himself has to say about it. Zach Leach’s legacy now includes not only an impressive resume as an ex pro rider and behind the scenes Mervin marketing mastermind, but one as the man who popularized one of the most infamous snowboard tricks in recent memory, quickly climbing the ranks to legendary status among the likes of the tina method and the tindy. Intentional or not, these tricks should make you cringe and smile at the same time, so listen up and get ready to learn this season’s “it” trick.

Have you seen the recent Internet zeach drama?

No I haven’t, what’s been going on?

Well, basically Bode and JP Walker were fighting over a zeach call out by Roobs (fuck Roobs) on the blog.

I back those dudes. [Laughs]. I back them so hard. I love those guys and what they have going on. JP and those guys are just such fuckers when it comes down to the proper snowboard etiquette on handrails. I get it, but I laugh at it. There should be no proper anything. It’s like skateboarding, do whatever the fuck you want to do. Those guys are just too cool man. There’s no point in being cool. You got to do it for yourself, whatever is fun for you is the way it’s got to be and people will either not like it or like it.

Could you break down the steps to executing a proper zeach?

Approach the rail toeside or heelside and ollie on like you’re going to do a 50-50. Instead of landing in a 50-50, you land with your weight over your back foot at a 45 degree angle from the rail. With all your weight on your back foot, you point your front toe up a little bit so you don’t catch an edge. Hold the pose like any other rail trick out there. In skateboard terms it would be a smith grind, backside or frontside, so it’s either a front zeach or back zeach.

How does one avoid the harsh scorp?

You really want to avoid the harsh scorp because it doesn’t feel good on the collarbone or the face. It’ s really about the torsional flex of your snowboard. If you have a really soft snowboard your back foot is pretty much flat but your front foot is raised up a little bit to keep that edge from catching and falling on your face.

Which way is your favorite way zeach?

I would say the double zeach — the front zeach to back zeach on the same rail where you pivot over the rail. That’s my favorite.

The fastest Zeach in the west.

What riders out there have the best zeach?

Jamie Anderson has a proper zeach. Forest Bailey can throw down a pretty gnarly zeach too. There are a lot of guys out there who can — Bode Merrill can throw down a pretty nasty zeach, if he wants to.

Would you like to say anything to the guys at for recognizing your years of harsh zeaching and continuing the legacy?

I just want to say I love those guys and I appreciate the harsh zeach blog and their creativity towards the sport of snowboarding. Keep it real and super fun!

Make mine a double.
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