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Cats of Anarchy’s Prison Rules Part 2

The cats of anarchy built a secret laboratory in the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, but it got torn down by the forest service. This is what they came up with instead. At least it’s not a tube edit.

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Comments (17)

  1. Oliver Woodrow Dixon the Third

  2. have they been doing science again?

  3. Here’s prison rules part one.. it was the first video jeremy and I had ever made. We were super stoked on it and made a whole bunch more. Thus, the Cats of Anarchy were born..

  4. odie this is sick! well done sir.

  5. 0:16. this is what u get for hanging out with skiers.

  6. other than that i like where your heads are at kids. would like to see how this “series” pans out this winter.

  7. please tell me you had that girl film this.

  8. I see you’ve played knifey spoony before.

  9. swag ollie and j-esto, we want more alex cato

  10. Pat Millbery’s new helmet looks sick

  11. this edit ruled. the girls were hilarious

  12. Infants drinking and snowboarding poorly. Sign me up.

  13. I did an interview with these guys. click my name to check it out.


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