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Gators in Washington

Friends. Snowboarding. Pow. Yeah, we’re ready for this season to start.

Riders: Bart Patitucci, Greg Phillips, Matt Penny, Kraemer Rickman, Tyson Rickman, Trevor Schy, Robert Bench, Travis Claughton, Kevin Hanson, Sam Trippe, Josh Jarvis and other homies.

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Comments (11)

  1. These dudes are on the come up. super good.

  2. this is the best short vid iv seen in a looonnnggg time. Sammy Trippe! booyah

    that was awesome everyone

  3. if it were black metal, itd be trve and kvlt

  4. fuck the rest…shred the northwest

  5. damn, so raw. love it.

  6. yeh! NW! looks like homies having fun no bullshit, no rules, no cool kid club hoodies! i like it!


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