Dangerzone: The Season Ender

Take a minute to remember the season that was, and try not to cry, ok guys. There’s another one right around the corner.

Dangerzone would like to thank: Arbor, Arnette, Sessions, Evolve, Windells, Brad Farmer, Matt Patti, Bob Carlson, Bean Dip, Joe Freitag, Robbie Sell, Joel Gomez, Daniel Rinzler, Tim Windell, Mary Walsh, Jeanette and Rachel from camp, Paul Heran, Joshua Parker, Jason Robinson, Curtis Woodman, Brent Oftedal, Sammy Spiteri, Tim Eddy, Sean Lucey, Ben Bogart, Jesse Burtner, Laura Austin, Adam Hawes, Hondo, Pat Bridges, Brooke Geery, Maxs Tokunaga, Scott Vine, Ian Sams, Eli Wiener, Austin Young, Brooke Summers, Ben Strause, Gabe Lambert, Sean Black, Brandon Hammid, Jason Privett, Matt Scholz, Scott Hoffman, Nicki Weiss, Jordan Nield, Sam Hulbert, Terren Gomez, Colton Morgan, Bryce Hymans, Zach Jacobson, Oliver Dixon, Eric Leon, Hey Crew, Kumi Yama… I am positive there are many other individuals that gave of themselves to this project and to them I am extremely thankful as well.

Edit: Paul Heran

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