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2011 Seattle Downtown Throwdown Video

The 2011 kick off of what is a mini tour of sorts happened Oct. 8th at Occidental Park in Seattle. Watch all the action from the Downtown Throwdown right here and do your best not to get dizzy. If you prefer words, pictures and full results, they’re right here!

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Comments (29)

  1. Hey, way to create a moving picture. The song really had me jazzed, especially with those injins in the beginning. I bet it was a heck a a time down there in Seattle. If I didn’t hate hippies and hobos so much I totally would have been there. Keep it up Austin, you’re making us all proud back in the ol’ midwest!

  2. these are the people that get invites these days huh……on another note…GO NIAL

  3. who else checked to see if there music was on durin the first 8 seconds?
    alotta zeaches on that dink though ;]

    good job hobush!

  4. this is what snowboard edits would be like if there were more NPR types in snowboarding.

  5. stoked on the shot of the tree guy. well done, austin!

  6. that edit was pretty annoying to watch

  7. hobush wins with anhours worth of noseblunts… the whole event was tame, maybe the crowd was too stoned or something, or the riders had a bad hangover, but overall, the only thing more boring to watch than the contest was this shakey edit.

  8. sick keep it up dood, nice choice on the tunes … had me getting spaced out and lost in the video … which is what i like!!!!!

  9. i cant even tell what was going on in this edit. dad cam at work here.

  10. i bet this event was awesome, too bad there was as much footage of people watching the snowboarders as there were shots of actual snowboarding. More boarding, less shake, and you got it

  11. cool video. looks like a good vibe.

  12. what….im high on sherm, get dusted or eat dicks, sherm squad aka dusted ghostbuster… woooooop woooooop juggalo 4 lyfe

  13. hey Britton Lorentzen, youre edits suck. quit trying to plug them. you did nothing more than stand or sit around and pan back and fourth with a camera. any middle aged dad can do what you just did

  14. my head has been buried in the toilet for the last 3 hours from that filming.

  15. britton you SUCK at filming and thank GOD they didn’t let you film this, your company sucks too. EP is wack shit

  16. jerm why don’t you leave him alone, isn’t filming sports panning back and forth getting the whole trick, from different angles. Britton is trying to show people his craft, don’t hate because he is trying to get his name out there, and show his stuff.

    Good Job Britton keep up the good work =]

  17. all you guys complaining about this vid and brittons vids. how about you guys get out there and make your own edit and well complain about how much yours sucks

  18. all you guys complaining about this vid and brittons vids. how about you guys get out there and make your own edit and we’ll complain about how much yours sucks.

  19. ive done that twice already kyle. what do you got for me now?

  20. That setup/video was/is gayer than my haircut

  21. no really Britton Lorentzen, get your head out of your ass and realize that you have a lot of work to do

  22. that frontlflip on the DFD made me want to rip my eyeballs out. thanks for showing us how shitty snowboarding can look with that one single trick.

  23. I just noticed that someone used my name and business to put up blatant and demeaning advertising on this video. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience that was brought about from the post from last night. I am trying to get into contact with someone from Yobeat to take it down asap.

    By the way, kudos to Stefan for rocking the competition on Saturday!

  24. brutes you suck at makin videos u fucks

  25. Nicely done all around, you missed the hobo knockdown throw down that was going off at the sand boxes and the can picker ladies. This event was way too NW for most of the spec-taters. It was almost as AK as Scotties hat.

  26. Why does Lazz always get the best gigs? I still have I.O.U’s from him. They mean nothing


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