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Gingervitus: Five Reasons to Join a Yoga Class

Apparently winter is right around the corner, although living in Southern California I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for status updates. Thanks for reminding me that the concept of weather exists outside this implant-stuffed state. With snow on the mind and only weeks before many ski areas open for the season, I can’t think of a better time of the year than now to join a yoga class and get limber. So limber that you might be able to add a few new neck-jerking grabs to your repertoire. Gents, don’t immediately dismiss the idea, I think you might like it.

I know that this type of grab throwback is not very original, but that doesn’t change the fact that when I see someone do something weird on hill it makes me wish I had that kind of style and board control. Most of these grabs you don’t see anyone try; that could be because either some of them are pretty much impossible to do, or everyone stopped because some of them just look dumb. I bet however, that if people spent a quarter of the time trying to get the below grabs as they do trying to learn double corks and hitting airbags, we’d see a lot more cool shit out there.

Regardless of how many downward dogs you do this fall, some of these grabs might be forever unattainable to you. That’s a good enough reason to try to get one if I ever heard it. Good luck, you’ll need it.

1. Crooked Cop- Front hand grabs the heel edge between your legs. Bend your front knees to touch the board. It’s harder than it sounds and is almost never done properly.

2. Pick Pocket- Front hand to tindy from behind your back, tweaking like a method. You will look like an idiot trying to get this one.


3. Swiss Cheese Air-
Back hand between the legs grabs the heel edge in front of the front foot while the back leg is boned. There’s a lot going on with this one.

4. Mashed Potato- Backside alley-oop in the pipe, front hand grabs mute while back hand grabs heel edge in front of the front foot. This sounds like an alley-oop to harsh scorp waiting to happen.

5. Waltair- Front hand grabs heel edge near the tail, tweaking like a method. I wish I could do this one.

Make mine a double.
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Comments (16)

  1. You guys always forget the ‘Nuclear’ grab

  2. I started yoga again a few days ago and stoked about getting super limbered-up for the season.
    I’ve been rotating this videos

    and will be doing this one on the daily before i shred.

    The balance improvement helps so much

  3. i would but a boner in yoga pants is worse than a boner in sweatpants.

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