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Shaun White Launches BMX and Scooter Line. No, Really

Gingers rejoice. Just when you thought he’d had endorsed himself into a gum-chewing oblivion, Shaun White hits us hard with a new line of products which include Stunt Scooters and BMX Bikes.

“Every product has been rigorously tested, changed and tested again until Shaun and his team felt the Shaun White Supply Co. standards were met. It was important to White that not only could SWSC’s products be used by him in competition, but that they could also be used by recreational athletes in an effort to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy, experiment and excel in action sports.”

The humor level is so high, you almost have to assume this is a spoof. Just check out the Shaun White Supply Co. site, which claims to deliver authentic products at an affordable price. “All specs, materials and parts are PERSONALLY approved by Shaun White. These are the best designs in their class.”

Shaun’s low-end BMX offering retails for $199. The bike appears to be a bit of an abomination at that price (one-piece cranks)… considering what a bit more money will get you these days. The mid-level looks to step up a bit, but considering the huge strides BMX brands like Eastern, MirraCo, FBM, Fit, and Verde have made trying to offer affordable complete bikes – that can often be found in the upper $200 range – it remains to be seen if the youth of today are going to rush out and jump on bicycle bearing the likeness of a snowboarder/skateboarder. It also remains to be seen if BMX kids will be shelling out $600 on Shaun’s high end machine… maybe the scooter kids will cross over. How would you feel about a Travis Pastrana or Dave Mirra line of Snowboards? That’s just how we feel about this one. I can’t blame him for taking and making the money, though.

Tony Hawk Bikes better look out, Shaun is coming for your market share.

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Comments (37)

  1. Roller blades are next…


  2. Wow yobeat you sure know alot about BMX.

  3. Recently I really started spending some time here at yobeat. I have known the owner for years, but never really dove into her business……until lately…..I figured I owe it to myself. Wow? Shawn White is a smart business man! Believe me, I actually looked at White’s site, and it is actually him, throwing “action sports” equipment into the market place. The bike featured here is the low end bike in his line, he actually has some fairly high end product in the line up as well. Afterall, making a bmx bike is NOT rocket science, and aside from “craftsmanship” and “marketing”, all bmx bikes are the same. The geometry and welding techniques are available anywhere folks.

    Hey rippers, let’s face it, Shawn is way bigger than snowboarding these days, and his business model is not designed for the readers of YoBeat. He is a teen idol and a Hollywood starlet of sorts. Let it go, let him make his money, and YOU, should focus on the powder you are going to be shredding in a few months.

    There was a PUNK singer back in the 80’s named Mojo Nixon. In an interview in a now defunkt (but kickass) shred mag called “Heckler”, Mojo defined Punk Rock as, “When you play a show, and there is a good chance that somebody wants to kick your ass afterwards.”

    Trick Scooters? Yep, Shawn White is as Punk Rock as it gets!

  4. Hey Poop Gang, your name, deep commentary and well thought out argument Speak volumes. Good luck in grade 3! Again…..

  5. Does it really matter how they perform? Shaun White has no presence in either of these sports. Why would anyone want to support him? He’s just trying to find new ways to pay bills as his snowboarding career is showing it’s mortality. I don’t participate in either of these sports, but the dude just needs to stay out, along with motorsports and anything else he genuinely doesn’t care for.

  6. produced by powerslide, a inline skate company.
    THANK YOU skateboarding for COMPLETELY SELLING OUT and putting some money back in to rollerblading, we need it!

  7. maybe he’ll sell the mjfox hoverboard technology to target