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Jeremy Jones’ Further Trailer

Hopefully you aren’t too excited for this one cause it’s got another year in the making. But yeah, if you don’t respect this, then you should quit snowboarding.

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Comments (12)

  1. that was actually pretty dope.

  2. its sweet when euro sites let you imbed things, hahaha

  3. seems like a spin on a recent film that came out but i just cant think of it……

  4. true definition of earning your turns..looks sick

  5. I got mad respsct for the riding, but the way the movie seems to be put together (like art of flight) makes it not that fun for me to watch. When i watch a snowboard movie I want it to have a fun feeling, not a “mission impossible” feeling. That’s why I think TITA was better than art of flight

  6. hey assholes, dont compare this to AOF, that video was helis filming helis, this is mountain climbing and hiking everything, no sleds, nothing. i can only assume your saying this because it seems to be filmed really well as was AOF…

  7. Im really excited for higher in 3 years!

  8. no rails in this video? whaaaattttt?!?!?!


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