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Thughugging- A BigHugs Moving Picture

“Going off the Bawbaw-ding feedback , people think Australia is a shit-house place to ride snowboard crafts. Which is mostly true however we do by the off chance have better things to ride that just sticks and rocks and not everyone dresses like glowsticks.

We made an edit which hopefully you might even consider putting on yobeat or just condemning it to the rejected edits bin where we can be ridiculed for having such a gay name like ‘bighugs’. We’re not gay , we just like hugging each other. No homo.”

Really, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Riders: Ant Haddrick , Pete Long, Richie Carroll, Jake Weston, Tom Pelley, Jai West, Jared Dean, Matt Wrobel, Reid Mathieson, Dane Tiene, Daniel Crean & Tom Reilly.

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Comments (15)

  1. you claim not to be gay but there was a swivel??? just playin that was a pretty dope edit

  2. that backflip off the donkey didn’t even make sense.

  3. Such a fun video to watch, definitely makes me want to shred. The dude with the stache was with a honey! My friends used to give me some much guff for rockin the stashe.

  4. Whats the drinking age over there?

  5. same as your allowed to buy a gun age

  6. FUCK YEA HOMIES!!!! gettin ‘er done!

  7. what you film this with?

  8. Makes me want to go down under!

  9. These Guys make me wanna give up surfing and jump on a ski board craft! Groovy !


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