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Under Review: 2012 Forum Rat

Remember back when every snowboard was cambered? Then the reverse camber/V-Rocker boards hit the shelves and everyone forgot what a true cambered board was? Well this season while everyone is still riding their Skate Bananas, Forum has been brewin’ up a little something form the past, The 2012 Rat. Yes it’s true guys, this is a snowboard that actually makes you work for that nose press. But, it’s very responsive with its turns and has that “pop” to it, unlike the reverse cambered boards.

If you’re not already sold on this board and how manly it will make you feel when you press, then the graphics will seal the deal. Simple, but a true work of art. On the front it says ” don’t be a..”, and on the back in big letters “Pussy.”* The girls love it. It’s an all around good park board, so if you’re a park junkie or you’re just sold on the sick-ass graphic of this board, make sure to check out Forum’s limited 2012 release “The Rat.” — Intern RJ


*The graphics vary by size, we rode the 150, the others say: Do not… Suck and Grow some… Balls. Edgy.

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Comments (24)

  1. They didn’t do anything that could have broken a snowboard? I’m confused

  2. NOTHING is gained from these ladies who cant snowboard testing boards

  3. forum has the worst graphics ever..even worse than nitro