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Firing Squad: Ben Birk vs Patrick Ryan

In the trees, amongst the trees, probably on trees, maybe smoking trees: everyone loves boarding and trees.
Here’s the “triumphant” return of the YoBeat Photo Battle. Please, for the love of everything rad about snowboarding send us photos as good or better than the ones you see in this week’s battle. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the proud owner of a sweet new camera bag?

Photo 1 by Ben Birk

Photo 2 by Patrick Ryan

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Think you can do this good or better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. When win a weekly battle, you will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at a select Burton dealer near you. Each month, the three winning photos will again do battle for a place in the Champions Gallery and a Burton Camera Pack! To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. Happy shooting!


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Comments (11)

  1. fuck yeah BIRK! 717 represent.

  2. enjoy your burton stuff, ben…

  3. i cant even tell is the first guy doing a one footie?

  4. Ben K hands down! Patrick’s shot is cool cuz he has a great look on his face, and has a nice tweak goin on that tail grab…but is missing a very key element: he is not even touching the jib..and that would not make his shot totally whack in itself..but the takeoff or landing is not.even in the shot…he could be on a trampoline for that matter…lmao!! the first shot has all the key steezy elements: great angle, grab, serious tweak, nice amplitude, great lighting…props to both guys for submitting! i hope to even someday have a shot worthy of the photo battle…but i am critical of my pictures as a rider and im too busy riding to waste time worrying about getting a shot! 🙂

  5. First shot I thought he was going through a V in the tree’s… But looking closer he’s stalling on it. The angle kills the photo but the lighting is all around better. The 2nd shot I can’t even really tell what is going on besides the fact that he is by a tree.. Jibbing off of it? Both of these angles are horrible because you really don’t understand what is going on in each of them.. Assuming from ben’s angle he climbed up into some rocks and really wanted a face shot so this was his really only angle to shoot this photo from.. Which he pulled it off well. My vote goes to ben.

  6. Birk’s for days… The second shot is lit, but strange angle and no take off or landing. And unfortunately it doesn’t look like Patrick understands rim lighting for separation.

  7. thier no jump in the shot cause the guy is coming of the treee….is that not obvious???

  8. WTF are you trying to say, he’s coming out of the tree? If you’re saying OFF the tree, then that’s probably a weird angle to shoot it from.

  9. not really z…any other angle would be a ass shot

  10. Yeah you definitely could have shot it from the left side of the tree at the bottom, with him in the top right corner.


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