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Day in the Life of a Weena-Man

Cory Grove has taken Cobra Dogs from basic hot dog stand, to the next level. Cobra dogs has become a Government Camp / Mt. Hood staple each summer, and just last winter expanded to a lift-side location in Park City, UT. Running a business isn’t all glitz and glamour, though, even when it comes to snowboarding. Whether he’s picking up his wieners, fluffing his buns, or drinking coffee, there’s a lot that has to be done before he can get some, if any shredding in. We caught up with Cory for a day that includes a visit to his designer, Aaron Draplin, a bathroom break off the side of the road, a secret shopper mission to keep his employees in check, and even a little bit of riding at High Cascade.

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Comments (16)

  1. Plain and simple Best Wenna Man i ever met…

  2. girl in the bike shop was the best

  3. Worst hot dogs ever. What a dumb scam. Get some quality meat, stop with the crappy sauce. But hey, I’m a shred-dog who could never hold down a job in the industry, so I’ll just sling crap dogs to unsuspecting campers. At least the coffee at Heart is quality.

  4. True, Cory is a nice guy. Doesn’t make the dogs any better though.