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Day in the Life of a Weena-Man

Cory Grove has taken Cobra Dogs from basic hot dog stand, to the next level. Cobra dogs has become a Government Camp / Mt. Hood staple each summer, and just last winter expanded to a lift-side location in Park City, UT. Running a business isn’t all glitz and glamour, though, even when it comes to snowboarding. Whether he’s picking up his wieners, fluffing his buns, or drinking coffee, there’s a lot that has to be done before he can get some, if any shredding in. We caught up with Cory for a day that includes a visit to his designer, Aaron Draplin, a bathroom break off the side of the road, a secret shopper mission to keep his employees in check, and even a little bit of riding at High Cascade.

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Comments (16)

  1. Can’t wait for the end-of-the-fiscal-year version where we watch this dude file his taxes.

  2. Jared that was great. I miss me my daily Cobra Dog. What up!

  3. Draplin is such a rad designer, he sounds like Seth Rogen

  4. Cory is hands down one of the nicest dudes in Portland. And Amanda and crew at 21st Ave kick some serious ass too! Keep it up guys.

  5. Heck yeah Groveman! Living the life! Ripping too!

  6. Plain and simple Best Wenna Man i ever met…

  7. Worst hot dogs ever. What a dumb scam. Get some quality meat, stop with the crappy sauce. But hey, I’m a shred-dog who could never hold down a job in the industry, so I’ll just sling crap dogs to unsuspecting campers. At least the coffee at Heart is quality.

  8. True, Cory is a nice guy. Doesn’t make the dogs any better though.


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