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Travis Rice Got Milk Ad

We spotted this Travis Rice TV spot for the Got Milk campaign over on Spatziba, where they posted their thoughts on the energized corn syrup revolution. The reality is, at Yobeat, we pretty much just drink coffee and beer, but we do appreciate a good snowboard video when we see it. And heck, we appreciate Travis’ riding even more. We’re glad brands are backing it and giving him the opportunity to keep ripping.

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Comments (17)

  1. I like how you make fun of this and then go praise crappy park lap edits.

  2. We aren’t making fun of the riding at all. In fact it clearly says, “we do appreciate a good snowboard video when we see it.” Read.

  3. sure yobeat your way to cool for this

  4. We’d all do the same thing given the chance.

  5. Im pretty sure i did read it. You called this a got milk commercial then said you only drink coffee and beer? Yeah your not making fun of his ridding, but you are making fun of the commercial. Quit being a loser. Maybe you should ad this to top ten hated snowboarders like Chaz?

  6. @Hey Admin – Learn how to spell riding and maybe Yobeat will take your comments more seriously! T-Rice is soooo sick

  7. Its not about spelling Golf Dish, you get the point. We know T RIce is good, yobeat is making fun of his commercial. Go rollerbllllllade.

  8. Admin responded so I obviously hurt there feelings.

  9. Are you guys snowboarders or english professors?

  10. Educated snowboarders rule – maybe hey admin should have finished middle school..just sayin’

  11. Gold medal fisherman, just sayin’. Im pretty sure the worst thing you can do on snowboard websites is correct people on theierrer grammar. You lose.

  12. Hahaha..winning! At least I got you all worked up. My job here is done 🙂

  13. Not really. My blood never really got going. Just saying’. Thanks for admitting you lost eitherway, that makes my day.

  14. Goldfish, you are an idiot. Just quit making a fool of yourself.

  15. These are the people I share YoBeat with? Who are you, skiers?!?


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