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Terrible Tuesday: The 540

The old twist and a half. You can do them any way you want. Griffin Siebert, Jed Anderson, Jordan Mendenhall, Kaitlyn Farrington, Shaun White, Sean Black, Alex Lopez, Sam Taxwood, Scott Stevens, Bode Merrill, Big Mike, Cody Rosenthal, littlest, Sage Kotsenburg, and Heikki Sorsa show how it’s done.

Music by 540 master Lindsay Jacobellis

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (13)

  1. The soundtrack…. is it available on iTunes for purchase?!

  2. who’s that girl with the red pants and tight leather jacket?

  3. “damn that girl is sick!” whoops thats shaun white

  4. 5th comment, I nominate you for comment of the year. that joke is gonna stick for sure.

  5. this edit could consist of only griffin siebert, all that boy do is 5z

  6. Shaun’s stance seriously must be at least 28 inches wide

  7. YoBeat – Home to exclusive footage of Shaun White


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