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Best Summer Ever: Was It?

It was an interesting summer to say the least. The weather consisted of about two weeks of sun with rain and clouds shoved in the middle. Everyone still had a blast and made the best of it. This is a collection of some of our favorite shots while filming The Best Summer Ever.

Yobeat’s Best Summer was brought to you by Banshee Bungee and Timberline


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Comments (10)

  1. what was that horrid noise playing during the edit? it couldnt have been a song.

  2. Blake Reid, fs 270 indy off awesome along with the following trick.

  3. you spelled rejected edits wrong.

  4. Ha! Red starts school today, best summers over bro!! Don’t forget to pound the potato all day Holmes

  5. Wow, it really is true. If you want to see a girl around Hood go to Charlies late at night or maybe make an appearance at one of the dance parties at the Rat. Actually I heard there were some females that worked behind the counter at the Cafe..I think they were fond of hulahoops? ladies to be found actually on the mountain and god forbid would they be found riding a snowboard or GASP in a four and a half minute edit filled with B-C footy of every dude who graced the glacier with their presence.

  6. oh my bad at 2:59 that chick that films junk at windells is in it. way to go chick, holding it down for the ladies. HELLLLL YEAAAAA

  7. and my parents wer like does it ever stop raining! ahahah RED 4 prez