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Lindsey Jacobellis Sings!


Thanks Onboard!

Sometimes, snowboarding makes fun of itself. Well, I guess we can’t really blame snowboarding for this remix of some Disney song by Lindsey Jacobellis, but she does snowboard. Looks like she may be aiming for a new career as a Disney Princess though… we wish her the best of luck with that. Someone should tell her it NEVER snows in So Cal though.

Oh yeah, remember this?

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Comments (14)

  1. i got all the way to the end and didnt get to see her crash. bummer.

  2. I always kinda felt bad for lindsay jacobellis because she’s never gonna live down that crash at the olympics. Oh well that’s what you get for doing girl methods.

  3. I don’t know what’s worse…her singing or her methods.

  4. whoa.

  5. Is this a joke? seriously. No seriously. When is going someone going to do a rip off of this and make fun of her? Oh my god. What a fucking dork.

  6. i don’t even know what to write about this. was this a joke? promotional material?

  7. i thought it was a rebecca black cover at first… seven a.m. waking up in the morning

  8. I like the cameo from Jessie heilman, she rolls hard on her cruiser with super mega surfers!

  9. hey guess what .. theres fucking snow all over the place try Hood or the Southern Hemisphere..

  10. Hot as fuck. Seaching I-Tunes for this…

  11. @JD Fuckin olympics blocked that shit


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