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Best Summer Ever: Last Day

If you spend the whole Summer on Mt Hood you will eventually grow tired of it and want to be anywhere else. However, when the last day on hill arrives you never want it to end. The last day of both Windells and HCSC proved to be one for the books with beautiful weather and insane conditions. As always the day was finished with a Papa Muntz ride to the bottom.


Artist – Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
Song – Stay

Artist – The Minks
Song – Funeral Song

Yobeat’s Best Summer is proudly supported by Banshee Bungee and Timberline

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Comments (26)

  1. Love it!! Super sick!! Hahahaha

  2. sad to see it go. good stuff parker

  3. dom kills is, burton demo center has the best dudes ever.

  4. wasn’t there supposed to be a videograss signature session or something? session 6? i might be wrong…

  5. I dont have to write a test to tell you I take drugs…

  6. fuckkk yeah everyone got a shot! even a Gaynor sighting!! demo center killing it.

  7. @goldfish she has a chode i saw it once

  8. i wish i would have not been too drunk and actually wore socks for this day. FUCK YOU JOSH PARKER!!!

    just kidding.

  9. I have been blacked out for 3 months. I woke up and it was August. Fuck!

  10. jess k is a dude thats while ben dates her hes a faget frenchman

  11. @chuuch So is Ben the pitcher or the catcher?

  12. What snowboard is that at 1:29 ? it looks sick please tell me someone? in the back of the truck, kinda white colour and burton bindings

  13. Jeo: That’s my board! It’s a Burton’s Mr. Nice Guy! It’s got Alice In Wonderland graphics and it’s a blasty blast.


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