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A Hump Day Etiquette Lesson from Robin Van Gyn

When you Google her name the first thing that comes up is an ad for an OB/GYN physician, so it’s no surprise most of Robin Van Gyn’s nicknames revolve around the female organ, but get it straight- she’s no pussy. Robin just finished up filming both the good and the bad of her season with Standard for the Peepshow movie, if that makes any sense. Two things are for sure- she’s not your typical Roxy rider and I don’t think she’ll be filming with Videograss anytime soon.

Did you film or go to any contests this year?

I didn’t go to any contests. Zero contests. I hung out in Whistler and filmed. It snowed a lot, and we got a few sunny days. It was a really good season to ride the mountain. It was like a powder day every day.

Who did you film for?

I filmed for Peepshow all season. And I filmed with the Standard crew. They hooked it up so that I could film with them and all my footage went to Peepshow. It’s hard to find a crew that is willing to go in the backcountry with you as a girl.

Was it hard to film with a rail-oriented crew like Peepshow when you wanted to ride powder?

It was pretty much impossible. Early season I went to Mammoth to ride pow and it ended up being nothing but jibbing. Jibbing in Mammoth sucks. It’s not sweet to go in the backcountry with people who aren’t experienced. They could get experience, but I would rather not get into that situation. It’s ok to take one or two people out in a crew who have no experience, but I am not down to go out with a crew where I am the only one with knowledge.

Mind the gap. Photo: Eric Bergeri

What were your goals for the season?

I just wanted to film a video part. That’s it. That is all I wanted. I just kept my head down and tried to stay away from the politics. All I could do was snowboard and try as hard as I could to get footage and land on my feet. I did a lot of “tommys” (Tomahawks). That’s why some people call me Robahawk.

Any other nicknames?

Robin Vanginitis, Robin Van-Gina

What was your worst experience filming this year?

Well, we [Leanne and I] had an altercation in the backcountry. We had a temporary filmer named Rob. He did NOT know what he was doing out there. We did some lines but it didn’t really work out because of the snow conditions. After the lines we built a jump for about an hour the landing slid first hit. Neither thing worked out, it was a bit of a gong show. Then, the recoil on Leanne’s sled broke. We didn’t know how to pull start the clutch with a shoelace, so we were screwed. Rob decided he was no help to us so he took off and left us out there. He just left two girls in the backcountry with a sled we couldn’t start. Not to mention, the conditions were sketchy and sliding. We ended up having to tow Leanne’s sled for 20 kilometers. The first K was all pow. Somehow we made it, but it was a hairy ride out. But yeah he was a pussy.

That doesn’t sound very gentleman-like. I saw an interesting Facebook update this winter about dudes racing you to a cliff zone?

We all pulled up to a zone at the same time, but one of the guys on their crew had an older sled and got stuck. So we (Leanne and I) went in and decided we were going to hit a cliff line. We both went up opposite sides of the cliff and all of a sudden the Videograss crew pulls up. Usually the rule of thumb out there is that if a crew gets to a zone it’s theirs. The backcountry is huge; you don’t need to have the same spot. Leanne is already at the top of the cliff at this point and Videograss goes and starts throwing snowballs and stomping down a takeoff like they are claiming the spot. I walked over to another cliff and basically one of the guys from their crew foot raced me. It was ridiculous.

Switch back 1. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Yikes, so who ended up dropping the cliffs?

Not me.

Do you wish you hiked faster?

No. They hit it, didn’t land and we just made fun of them. But, I guess that wasn’t very sportsman-like of me. [Laughs]. I was just kind of angry. I felt bad after; because when one of them didn’t land I shouted “Too baaaaad…!” Yeah it was unsportsmanlike-like of me. But, the backcountry is a big place and you shouldn’t be racing people to zones. Two rules; first, if a crew is there first, it’s their zone. Second, if girls are hitting it you probably should move on. But, I was not nice and I probably owe someone an apology.

Do you want to apologize now?

No. But he knows who he is.

Any advice for girls who would like to come up in snowboarding?

My advice is to make sure its always fun. When it stops being fun, stop. Nobody likes a whiner; it’s the best gig going that’s for sure.

No complaints here. Photo: Eric Bergeri

I’ve seen your butt cheeks many times. Do you consider yourself a serial mooner?

Yes, I do actually. It’s a sure way to make people laugh without having to worry about the punch line delivery or if they will even get the joke. You can’t say you have ever seen someone moon someone else and not laughed out loud.

How do you balance the Roxy image with your wild-woman demeanor?

[Leanne laughs]. No comment.

What’s it like snowboarding in the Southern Hemisphere?

It’s hard to explain because there is nothing here to compare it to. It’s just amazing terrain and intense powder wrapped up in a spicy steak empanada. Best thing you will ever do for your snowboarding.

That sounds delicious. Have you ever turned down a dare?

I don’t think so. I’m down.

If you never got into snowboarding where would you be now?

I always wanted to be a dancer. I think if snowboarding hadn’t surpassed that passion, I would have pursued it. I think about it all the time, like Flashdance, you know?

Tell me about aliens.

Well, I think that any human who refuses to believe that there is any other life form out there is completely self indulged and a little bit silly. There are obviously other galaxies. Leanne is laughing at me right now, but I don’t even care. I definitely think that there are alien races out there. I think that it’s not a coincidence that every person who gets abducted by aliens describes them as the exact same looking thing.

What do they look like?

Well they have elongated heads, big eyes and lankly little bodies. Kind of like Gumby, but white and more symmetrical.

Is that a UFO? Oh no, it’s Robin, hitting a jump. Photo: Eric Bergeri

Do you think it’s a government cover up?

For sure. I’ve been watching this show called Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. It goes into how throughout history there are certain ways of intellect. For example, Einstein- there is theories out there that suggest that aliens gave him those ideas. Like, how could he create a helicopter and stuff like that? I don’t know if I believe it 100% but I don’t think it’s that wild. Like Thomas Edison, you have a whole chunk of time…

Ok, you’re losing me…

Ok, I think aliens have visited Earth and given us basic information. I think that they have had relationships with humans and maybe shared information.

What about ghosts and psychics?

I’m not really into that. I believe in more realistic stuff, like aliens.

Anything we left out?

Yes, I like other things other than drinking and snowboarding. Like, gardening. I actually love gardening.


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