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Best Summer Ever: BFF’s

No matter what you are doing this summer, there is no way you are having a better time than Red Gerard. He is 11 years old and hanging out with his best friends at Mt Hood all summer. He can go anywhere on the mountain, he can skate any park he wants, he gets everything for free, and he just landed his first job at Cobra Dogs. Red is quite literally having the best summer ever.

Song: With a Little Help from My Friends
Artist: Joe Cocker

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Comments (24)

  1. STRAIGHT BAUCEY with extra cream cheese and cobra style…celery salt on top! good work parker!

  2. their so cute i want to put them in my cobra dawg

  3. “Burnzkid” is the Real dick squeezer.

    When I grow-down I want to be just like Toby n Red.

  4. lol @ comment about parker trying to touch kid butts he did it to both kids