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Art of Flight METAL Teaser

How could you possibly make the most badass movie of the year any more badass? With metal, duh.

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Comments (13)

  1. Cool – slow mo hangtime. Not Cool – making avalanches look cool.

  2. Snowmobile jumping? are you kidding me?

  3. at :31 I would be shitting myself

  4. that was filmed on a gopro right…

  5. i understand the production value of this movie. and the talent that T.Rice has. But i don’t understand how “this will change snowboarding forever” Call me what you want but i am still not impressed with red bull or DC for that matter. i just see “please let this make us lots of money” on the faces of people behind these companies. maybe this will change snowboarding forever.. I smell jocks.. whatevs

  6. Exactly! jocks for days. Cool that they have humongous budgets to make movies like these and no doubt the riding will be rediculous, but i could still really do without the overly artsy dolly shots and lifestyle shots. Talented boarders + money hungry b.s. companies like monster who just want to make a crap ton of money and could really care less about snowboarding…..come on really a rally car. Action sports are so chill these days, so why not market to a bunch of dousche bag kids that will drink this crap “cause the pros do”, when in fact the pros that are sponsored by these guys dont drink it because it really is not good for you. Its just a really fat pay check. Changing snowboarding for the worse…………maybe…….maybe not, we’ll see.

  7. dear jhl, anyone who hates on travis rice should burn in hell.

  8. is this going to come out in VHS? They should release an alternate video filmed and edited by Bill Strobeck.

  9. jhr, I take it you don’t ride powder to often


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