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Ham Van Episode 3

Delivering hammers straight to the floor.

This episode features: Mike Rav, Tanner McCarty, Matty Mo, Matty B, Jason Robinson, Alex Rodway, Parker Duke, Max Warbington, Johnny O’Connor, Ian Hart, Colton Morgan, Johnny Brady, Spencer Schubert, Blaze Kotzenburg, Mitch Ritchmond, Ben Ross, Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens, Kyle Lopiccolo, Merrik Joyce, Griffin Seibert

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  • http://deleted watery puss-like penile discharge

    Colton with the best zeach ever performed…. god damn.

  • OOOPS!

    simon chamberland definitely has the best zeaches performed..he actually does them, thinks there sick, then puts them in his video parts and calls them nosepresses, boardslides, and backlips.

  • Jerm

    Colons zeach was on point

  • minnesotanice

    too much intro.

  • ButchCassidy

    Colton was clearly front smithing

  • satan

    not enough intro. and that smith grind (zeach) was actually kind of cool

  • Based

    3:20 Johnny O’Connor swag on 1,000,000

  • aaron fraher

    that was good

  • Tim Bradley

    Matty B makes my day.

  • ur burnt

    trying way to hard

  • duh

    Trying too hard for wat

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    full retard, thats what its all about