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Not Another Hood Video

Are you sick of Hood edits yet? The Rental Shop dudes shredded their fingers off to offer you a little something different from their trip to Oregon. We laughed.

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Comments (18)

  1. Damn, are those guys sponsored?

  2. definitely made an edit like this on my friends phone in eighth grade with index cards taped to our fingers. the production value on this blows ours out of the water. but cmon how bored do you think we are yobeat?

  3. Shit, those front blunts were smooth, send this edit into theotis, maybe he will hook you up with a box

  4. I heard these guys are filming with absinthe next year.

  5. when is caked comeing out with fingerboards?

  6. I want one.

  7. kendamas are gay. but this was awesome

  8. somehow that was the same to me as any edit from mt hood

  9. epic heli cam shots

  10. ^ the angles were unreal, it was like watching vivid for the first time.

  11. I highly recomend getting caked in the woods and playing with finger snowboards, the edit is just a bonus!

  12. holy shit art of flight leak footy?!?!?! wtf travis rice how did this footy get out??

  13. I dig the sweatshirt

  14. that was actually really entertaining! u guys would film one up on the glacier.


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