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Best Summer Ever: Rain Day

Most people come to Summer Camp to enjoy snowy fun in the sun. This year Mother Nature had another plan. Since July began, it has been nothing but rain and clouds with a few sunny days here and there. What is there to do when the rain starts to fall? Not much, except for head to Windells and enjoy their indoor facilities. Best Summer Ever?


Artist – Dance Club Massacre
Song – Murders Come With Smiles

Artist – Adolescents
Song – Kids of the Black Hole

lives life in the Danger Zone
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Comments (22)

  1. red should have his own column

  2. Nick, when was the last time a trick came to mind that you couldn’t do? Just wondering..

  3. More Real Talk With Red!!

  4. i don’t know if that is jeff holce up top, but i agree just go shred.

  5. Red Gerard needs his own show..curtis was killin it!

  6. nick visconti: so damn creative!

  7. such a jaded little man. i love it.

  8. I would snowboard in some basketball sized hail and lightening and tornadoes and hurricanes right now. fuckin pussies

  9. I’ve never seen a ten year old who seemed so hungover

  10. yo dragotta, hot willy stall. oh yeah, FREE BOOSIE

  11. We all love red! More raymond gerard!! And I love the giant 720 sticker on his helmet, at a boy Raymond!!

  12. what is that snowboard on the trampoline and where can i get it?


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