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High Cascade Session 3 Recap

The High Cascade session 3 edit has it all! Camper Cameos! Scotty Wittlake sighting! Snowskating! Sun! Fun! etc. etc.

Filmed by: Tanner Pendleton, Skylar Brent, Rob Balding, Matt Roberge, Harry Hagan, Sean Lucey, and Ted “Bundy” Borland.

Edited by: Tanner Pendleton

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Comments (32)

  1. this is sick.. but where is spencer?

  2. dont forget the classic winnebago man reference from Fox

  3. that ender just shit on scott vine’s entire season of one-footed training

  4. alright now all were waiting for is…HAMVAN 3!

  5. im speechless…that last trick was so crazy. what the fuck. and this is only session 3

  6. Fffffffuuu- video won’t load.

  7. ender was on some ssx tricky shit

  8. i cant take it anymore.. i need to fuckin ride!

  9. Where is Spencer? We demand more!

  10. I guess this means we will see the 1-foot double cork this summer too. The progression train must be a Mag-Lev now…

  11. easily 2 of the gnarest one footies ive ever seen.

  12. She called the doctor and wanted to schedule an appointment for my sister and I and today was the only day they could get us in. So my mom told both of us you don’t need to take a shower if you don’t want to(since I got up at 12pm and she got up at 12:30p.m.)

    Other than that the tricks are great, well all agree on this

  13. M-azing edit. The ender was fucking nuts

  14. just from watching him snowboard I knew hobush would kill it at skating

  15. Smangin’ it from dusk til dawn

  16. wasn’t that cool, bode’s first back 3 on to the elbow was a zeach

  17. 27 comments and you guys don’t hate this and think it’s played out yet?
    Yobeat is the snowboarding hate machine, don’t start slipping now kids.

  18. YEAHHHH BLAZE your the best coach ever

  19. Second song was sick, anyone know what it was?

  20. Bode Merrill or Nicolas Muller?

  21. Ryan Irvin hacking my name and hatting on Bode like a bitch


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