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Firing Squad: MNMNT Champions Battle

We’ve got four winners, and that means it’s time to give away the big prize: a Monument 777 snowboard. We all know these photographers can social network, but can they actually take a photo? It’s up to you to vote for the very best shot of the month and decide.

***Next week will be a regular battle. Theme is crash shots so submit your best carnage for a chance to win!***

Photo 1 by Geno Fonderoli
Winner June 14th “Nuclear Winter Battle”

Photo 2 by Piotrek Drzastwa
Winner June 21st “Tranny Battle”

Photo 3 by Josh Frick
Winner June 28th “Summer Shred Battle”

Photo 4 by DJ Ward
Winner July 5th “Street Skating Battle”

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The winner of this battle will receive a MNMNT 777 Snowboard*.

This is the monthly champions battle, but the Firing is a weekly photo competition pitting photos against each other in a battle of supremacy. If you think you can do better or you just want a chance at glamorous prizes such as a $50 gift certificate good for anything at Submit your photos for a chance at glory! Next week’s battle theme will be crash shots (before, during or after). Send your shot in to [email protected] The top five images will do battle. A new battle begins each Tuesday. For specifics on submitting your photo, check out our submission guidelines.

*outside of the US must pay shipping

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Comments (25)

  1. The two skate shots are noticeably better than the two snowboard shots in a battle to win a snowboard on a snowboard site. What does that mean? Fuck if I know.

  2. ^agree, and somehow its winning.

  3. number 4 for sure. the rest were forgettable

  4. plus it would be funny if a skateboarder wins a snowboard

  5. ^im actually a snowboarder, theres just a lack of snowboarding in the summer months in ohio so i skate to pass the time

  6. #3 is all that is wrong with 2011 snowboarding. Zero real pressing, just twirly bird shit that happens to make contact with an object every once and a while. Tricks used to be tricks, not things that just happened.

  7. I think Photo 1 is a sick shot *highfive* I think photo 4 is by far the best though.

  8. #1 the snowboarders outa focus, #2 is a shitty trick and its not exposed properly, #3 is the king of all ass shots and hes got motion blur and the most annoying solar flare ever and #4 used the rim light on the tree… instead of actually using it on the skater who is wearing all black… i vote BOYCOTT

  9. Najlepsze zdjÄ™cie Tabson…

  10. Photo 2 isn’t a terrible photo, but it’s certainly not worthy of that many votes; photo 4 is the illest

  11. Looks like someone is showing us they are a much better hacker than a photog…

  12. ^yep, its called an IP scrambler. people like you(Piotr Drzastwa) ruin this shit for everyone.

  13. 1 – guy in the sky/horrible comp.
    2 – completely centered. (centered, clearly, does not work in favor for this image)
    3 – ass shot. the end.
    4 – strong comp, good use of lighting, good timing. black blacks and white whites. winner.

  14. hopefully Yobeat will disqualify the guy that is cheating(photo 2)

  15. If you can PROVE he’s cheating, we will disqualify him. Having a lot of votes doesn’t prove anything. Euros are really good at this stuff.

  16. I think Piotr has more friends than the rest. and that’s the only one reason.
    I voted for him. 🙂 cheers!

  17. it’s not cheating, the snow shots are just pieces of shit, and the back tail is tired.

  18. Yeah Carola. That’s right. Piter have lot of friends.

  19. maybe you should change the name to “social networking battle”

  20. hehe we support our polish friend that’s all ,he don’t need cheat to win

  21. so why u don’t ask your hommies for help? ; )

    pozdr kck crew

  22. 42069… photo 1 is girl, are you blind!!!


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