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Cats of Anarchy Save America!

High Flyin’ Tomahawkin’ Raw Doggin’ America day shredding from the Cats of Anarchy and friends (including our ol’ pal Chip.) Just a damn good time.

Riders: Oliver W. Dixon, Dominic Palarchio, Matt Miller, Levi Ryerson, Danger Dave, Chip Bleakney, Minishred, Mike Mindala, Ty Modz., Dylan Chrismer, trick and a bunch of busted ass ski racers.

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Comments (20)

  1. clean the fucking fog spot for christ sake!

  2. What are we chopped liver?

  3. Camera man has a crush on Dom haha “YEAH DOM!”

  4. Jerm shut the fuck up these kids are the shit for this video.

  5. jerm managing to create negativity once again

  6. Cats of Anarchy Sucks. Tranny Finders all day!

  7. sorry jerm we were having too much fun snowboarding to worry about lens fog

  8. usa- fag nation… what the fuck is that picture? “taco bell.. fuck yea”

  9. Zombie Death Crew is better then all, FUCK Cats of Anarchy

  10. thanks for commenting under my name impostor

  11. Mad corney. Upside down crosses are so fucking in right now too. You guys are so rebellious, your parents definitely wouldn’t approve

  12. I jerk off like.. all day long.

  13. jerm. im picking a fight wit you. tomorrow t-line parking lot. ill be the one with the baseball bat


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