Cats of Anarchy Save America!

High Flyin’ Tomahawkin’ Raw Doggin’ America day shredding from the Cats of Anarchy and friends (including our ol’ pal Chip.) Just a damn good time.

Riders: Oliver W. Dixon, Dominic Palarchio, Matt Miller, Levi Ryerson, Danger Dave, Chip Bleakney, Minishred, Mike Mindala, Ty Modz., Dylan Chrismer, trick and a bunch of busted ass ski racers.

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  1. Drunk Dad
    Drunk Dad says:

    Mad corney. Upside down crosses are so fucking in right now too. You guys are so rebellious, your parents definitely wouldn’t approve

  2. snobro69
    snobro69 says:

    jerm. im picking a fight wit you. tomorrow t-line parking lot. ill be the one with the baseball bat


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