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FootyFiend’s Camp of Champions Session A Edit

Woah, they have snowboard camp in Canada too? FootyFiend shows you how they do on the Blackcomb glacier.

Riders: Jake Fine, Cody Wilson, Kai Ujejski, Al Stathis, Brady Smith, Luke Hambly, Benjermain Poechman, and Adam Franks

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  • hUh

    not gonna lie park looks weak

  • chuuch

    camp of chunder

  • The Passion of Christ

    fee resh

  • piles

    witness the effects of bammer

  • mn

    so dope

  • ronburgandy

    who is the kid with nasty front blunts

  • jerry garcia

    cody wilson i think. kids a killa

  • MIKEGrass

    more like session eh’