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Shorts and Shades 4!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The real Tre Squad Shorts and Shades from Bachelor closing day. And on a Friday, no less!

Rippers: Lucas Wachs, Spencer Schubert, Gus Warbington, Austin Ford, Blake Geis, Logan Beaulieu, Max Warbington, Jake Selover, Dru Brownrigg, Zach Ferguson, Kyle Fischer and more!

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Comments (29)

  1. tre squad has the only skiier i like to watch in snowboard edits. that dudes a thug.

  2. back 3 on front 1 out on the down flat down.. get the skier outta there

  3. now thats what i like to see

  4. hell yeah! loved it, even (especially?) the skier. kid was loose.

  5. I like how spencer gets the intro of every edit hes in. I hope this means he gets AMMO opener!

  6. WOW. Some people’s kids…

  7. the editing was terrible, but i think that’s why i loved it so much. get scummit outta here, the skier made the video really funny

  8. The skier totally made it! Ha-fucking-larious guys, that was so great. Made me wanna go ride with the homies so tough!

  9. next season I’ll quit and become a skier

  10. that tire flip was awesome! Funny stuff and crazy boardin.

  11. super sick. good times good boarding

  12. That video beats out all that tripod after-effects shit anyday, made me want to overshoot jumps allday

  13. best video of the year, fuck yea

  14. give that skiier a snowboard, its obviously what hes trying do to wit dem NAS’s

  15. This edit is great! They’re clearly all having a fantastic time. I love it when you can just tell that the people in the video are having FUN.

  16. shorts and shades is solid. skiier kid rides like a bat outta hell!

  17. Wow…i laughed the whole fu*8in time. ICKS and TRESQUAD need to party….most entertaining shit in the game.

  18. seriously. their last two edits are the best things that have come out this year.

  19. Scummitco actually deep throats men, like all the time

  20. awesome guys, laughed the whole time. the skiiers are hilarious

  21. da realist edit in the game fool!

  22. That skier had so much swag. Swag him the fuck out. Sun hat swag.


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