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Memorial Day Mega Post

While you wasted your Memorial Day BBQing and drinking beers, these dudes were making it happen. In Idaho, Corey McDonald puts together the CDI every year on Memorial Day weekend to remember a great friend who has past, Carson David Ianson. Normally a Quarterpipe contest, this year low snow levels prevented everyone from getting safely into the the zone, so they improvised. Here’s the edit from Derek Weimer.

Meanwhile, back in Vermont there was just enough to pull off the Peace Pipe rail jam at Mt. Snow. Dan Callahan sent us this edit featuring Timmy Sullivan, Henry Padden, and Dave Krezel and some other Mount Snow locals. Looks summery.

We hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Now get back to work.

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Comments (8)

  1. C Mac shuttin that mother f****er down

  2. the last line in the mt snow video is hilarious

  3. and to think there was a solid foot around snowbird on memorial day

  4. Corey McDonald is a boss, just sayin’

  5. snowboarding is really fucking gay to watch