Arnette Crew Clash FINALS: Critters vs Yawgoons

After however many weeks this thing has gone one, we’ve seen upsets and runaways, but this is the one that really matters. By next Monday morning we will officially know which crew will earn themselves a coveted slot in the extras Think Thank’s 2011 movie, Ransack Rebellion. A real movie, on a real DVD, that you can keep on your real bookshelf and watch over and over. Will it be the Critters, a crew made up of a mishmash of SLC transplants or the Yawgoons, the east coast kids who hold it down at Yagoo Valley in the shred-i-center of Rhode Island? This is the most important vote you’ll make this year (unless you voted in a real election) so watch both videos (again if you already have) then vote for the video you’d actually want to watch again on your TV this fall.


Riders: Sean Whitaker, Shaun Nakamine, Brett Maes, Jeff Holce, Andrew Nagel, Max Schulz, Cooper Thomas
Edit: Andrew Nagel
Location: Salt Lake City (Via Portland, Minnesota and PA)
Song: Bill Wyman Metal Detector: Reports


Riders: Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Zack Wilmot, Mary Rand, and Saara Untracht-Oakner.
Edit: Brendan Gouin
Location: Rhode Island
Song: Life Partners: Aids of Spade/ Del the Funky Homosapien: One in a Million

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The Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette, Think Thank, Yobeat and Banshee Bungee. The winning crew’s video will be featured in the bonus section of Think Thank’s 2011 Movie “Ransack Rebellion” and will also receive a 20′ Banshee Bungee and tons of goggles, sunglasses and accessories from Arnette for the whole crew. The three runners up will also receive prizes from Arnette.

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  1. steeez
    steeez says:

    both were sick but yawgoons takes it… creative spots fun edit to watch. nice job to both crews for makin it this far

  2. Stevie
    Stevie says:

    Considering the critters spammed their way to beat KTB by magically geting 80 votes over night last round…. Its Yawgoons. Plus theirs was way better anyway with out a question

  3. Shredface
    Shredface says:

    I didn’t watch all of the other vids, but I find it hard to believe the critters video was best one from that bracket.

  4. cacao
    cacao says:

    Filming, riding, editing, creativity, all Yawgoons. Nose press to nose manual at 2:19?! I ain’t EVER seen that before on a snowboard. Yawgoons are the future.

  5. southerner
    southerner says:

    Its all about the critters here, how is a ton of tube parts going to fit into a think thank video? Its about the creativity here

  6. Green Crack
    Green Crack says:

    What’s sick about yawgoons is they make the most of a really shitty resort. being from Michigan I have alot of respect for people who can do that. plus, Dylan Gamache is a fucking jedi.

  7. bewbs
    bewbs says:

    solely based on that 180, 5-0 180 out…. that saara girl has better style than any girl i’ve ever seen. GOT DAMN!

  8. pewbs
    pewbs says:

    critters spammed their fucking shit so hard. and then you watch yawgoons. and they film good. and are creative. and they don’t cheat.

  9. Scarlett O
    Scarlett O says:

    Why are Critters being penalized for getting out and building interest in the competition and campaigning for votes? I like the beach footage in Yawgoons, but I think they spent too much time in the park. I like that Critters were creative and did some different things with their editing, like black and white fades, creative angles and speed changes.

  10. Ballz deep
    Ballz deep says:

    Im still trying to figure out how the Kotbrats didnt beat the Yawgoons, their video was pure gold

  11. tombrokoff
    tombrokoff says:

    Yawgoons flick is smooth to watch and fresh, how many people have you seen shred a waterslide or flip at the beach? critters had some fun stuff but there is no contest here.

    Goons by K.O.

  12. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    Yawgoons got my vote, their vid is Yawgood. Both are dope actually, but I enjoyed the Yawgoons a bit more, and the waterslide, beach stuff, even the tubes, seems more like ThinkThank’s vibe. Filming/editing was ill too.

  13. trailertrashjerm
    trailertrashjerm says:

    every body in both vids can obviously shred! I’m just gonna say that one crew worked a lot harder to get there shots. park footy don’t count, sorry.

  14. trailertrashjerm
    trailertrashjerm says:

    so i just read the comments. i was wondering if spamming is what the kids call setting up a spot yourself, running a generator, and paying fines instead of buying lift tickets these days? back in the day we called that doin the damn thing.

  15. dave mcgrath
    dave mcgrath says:

    is it weird if i want to have sex with all the critters, at once, then the yawgoons?

  16. matty
    matty says:

    fines? they didnt get fines for any of those spots. half of the vid was filmed at rail gardens and that elementary school. those were the softest “urban” spots ive ever seen. I have seen everyone of the critters spots before…nobody wants to watch them over and over with a lot less talent. yawgoons had spots 99% of you have never and will never see.

  17. trailertrashjerm
    trailertrashjerm says:

    ok man, when u ride a rail so knobbed up the bails are edit worthy i dont really think that is “soft” urban. and the goons water slide stuff was like a patchwork patterns part or other tt vids but i dont really wanna see any park in a think thank movie ever. lets demand a goons, ktb, critters super edit for the win!

  18. Rosanne Westaby
    Rosanne Westaby says:

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