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WORLD PREMIERE SkiBowl: the Movie

Mt Hood SkiBowl is the best worst kept secret in Oregon. Let’s just say it’s awesome. Connor Brown and friends set out to tell Ski bowl’s story at the end of this season, and SkiBowl: The Movie is the result. There’s been a lot of hype (in Yobeat comment sections) about this film. Now it’s here, so you decide:

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Comments (144)

  1. damn that collin kid is hesh

  2. no street footy? What poontangs, ever heard of getting gnarly? I have. I mean some of the kids were smoking the swisher sweets and not wearing helmets so I guess there sick. But the rest of the movie was wack, not enough real steez going down.

  3. So if I’m not mistaken this video got put up cause hesh said this video was gonna be way sicker than the big boulder movie? First off hesh ur a fucking idiot..I turned this shit off after 5 min cause the whole fucking thing was boxes…garbage… you can’t fuck with the ice coast kid….and dom luza shits on connor brown…

  4. sparky’s pizza for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This could be the best thing or the worst thing to come out of snowboarding…

  6. Like A jack says… If your not down with skibowl: the movie… Then fuck you! Hesh is the shit too. Way hesher that the ice coast… That’s sick have Fun riding Ice while we have hella fun snow.

  7. There is nothing hesh about this video what are you talking about? Cool you “hella”(what a fag who says that shit) snow..but all u ride is boxes and make shitty ass edits…fools


  9. This video would be way cooler if it didn’t have goobers with braces and fattys with american flag bandanas riding in it! Skibowl and Tline are way better than what these guys show.

  10. I can’t wait to push these guys down next season when I see them!

  11. We are in high school, we have braces and tiny dicks.

  12. WE GOT OSAMA. And Scummit, umad?

  13. That filming is unbelievable…seriously.

  14. those are some sexy-ass high school boys.

  15. Scummit got butthurt over an online snowboarding site… Lawl.

  16. these kids wouldn’t last 10min at keystone.

  17. cam weeg for PREZ. and American Jack is osama’s grim reaper

  18. yobeat is fucked now that people are commenting with memes

  19. its a movie based on SKIBOWL. obviously were not gonna hit street rails you dumb fuck

  20. I thought the NW had powder and good terrain not crappy ride on boxes. Scummit nailed it.

  21. scummit is hella intimidating

  22. Hey, respect the peace sign!

  23. Ween15- how am I butt hurt? And maybe you should learn what hesh means and stop suckin on ur moms teet you little pre ball hair bitch….. hahah hell yea poopscoop keystone is what’s up!

  24. Damn Scummit is butthurt. This movie is deff movie of the year.

  25. Thought this was rad. A tad long, but still hyped.
    Super fun, raw editing, probably shot in only a few days, so yeah, good style.
    Great work guys, keep it up.

  26. hmmmm im going with big boulder on this one. it’s just a bunch of little kids with braces think their hesh except connor brown. Connor Brown is BOSS…

  27. a better name would have been about ten minutes of ski bowl and then about 7 of timberline: the movie.

  28. this was filmed in 3 days with no plan what so ever then edited the next day. no powder, pretty shit weather, and scummit must have a little winky. get over the fact that we have fun and all you care about is being better than everyone else haha you must have some real big self esteem problems buddy

  29. Whoa!- lemme know If you want Connors number so you can suck his ween… He’s gay so it’s chill;)

  30. Some steezy moves, but take em off those boxes kids. It’s hard to make anything look intimidating dancing around on a foot high box.

    It did look fun though, and that’s really whats good.

  31. Where are the guns? The booze? The incest? Im real disappointed
    Keep slidin them boxes, looks fun

  32. boxes are HELLA intimidating. zeach and swivs all day sonnnnnnnnnn

  33. this video isn’t TF you turd

  34. I want to punch connor brown in the face with a 8 iron.

  35. hesh your a little pussy hyping your own video in the comments. this is some trannyfinder associated faggotry. Fun is meant to be HAD not filmed. Fun loooks upto ten times less fun when your having it on camera. so stop faking the fucking funk and start skiing cos you sureley are enough of a fairy to ride the pole. snowboarding should quit you.

  36. goodthing trannyfindin ropetow weener mouths never get out of the park and go enjoy the full unlimited possibilities of snowboarding, otherwise they migth get socked in the mouth for maurkdom.

  37. Conner Brown used to be a fun kid to hate on but he is one of my favourite riders now.

  38. Piles is a faggot, internet hate makes you cool, nice work out there cheif

  39. watching LOON kids is better than watching this because they actually hit rails and not boxes.

  40. glad to make the day for homosexual hobbits everywhere.

  41. Piles should stop being a BITCH, and make a snowboard video so everyone can hate on him for once. P.S your a FUCKING MARK

  42. already know my snowboaring is insignificunt, especially compared to fancy moves in SKIBOWELL. so i’ll continure snowboarding and not filming, and getting drunk just so i can make hatefull hangover comments to piss kids off in hopes that theyll call me out.

  43. the best thing about this video is it’s all about fun. i love how no matter what side you’re on….every that has posted is so fucking stupid. just watch it and accpet it for what it is, if you don’t like it then fine. just quit talking shit via internet comments. so pointless and lame. A;; snowboarders are so gay for each other.

    RIP macho man randy savage!

  44. Piles sounds like a Bitch, who cant back shit up

  45. piles gettin called out. what now. lets fight. oh and i rode powder and no park untill the end of april so go suck a couple pimple covered dicks, tard. i have more fun in my sleep than you ever will

  46. randy savage could have solved this debate :/

  47. hesh go suck a dick cause your not hesh enough to make any comments about anyone you turd!

  48. FINALLY getting called out. sweet.. even as a pacifist, down ta fight ya pizza face. but we hide behind anonymity so well never have to back our shit up. skibowell the movie still bites cock for nickells. ill just keep my snowboarding to myself.

  49. The best thing about this video is that it ended.

  50. Every one hear that, Piles drinks, what a bad ass, he just wanted all of us to know.

  51. you guys are fucking kooks. this is just a short film based on fun times at timberline and skiwbowl. get over it. it was filmed in three days at the end of the season. its sick that all you do is hate on snowboarding videos. go jack off to some jerry springer you fuckhead.

  52. ^^^ You missed the best part. watch the last five minutes, American Jack fucks shit up, moslty himself

  53. @hesh.. are you gonna be at hood this summer? Cause I’m gonna own ur ass in a game of shred on a DOWNBAR..then were gonna post it on yobeat. K cool

  54. @blumpkinator

    deal with it and stop being a wussy and saying we hate on everything. it’s YOBEAT fool!!

  55. Honestly the best part about this video is the comments. Plus I’ll put money on Scummit over someone who has to claim they’re “hesh” any day of the week and I fucking hate people from Keystone.

  56. @angry snowboarder..homie why do you hate keystone? Keystone is so proper!

  57. Dear yobeat.. please put this video vs _________the movie and let’s see who wins…

  58. Dear Hesh,

    I find it pretty fucking funny that your defending this movie so much after you said it was gonna be “soooo sick” and were trying to pimp it out on the Poconos movie. I think this showed everyone how much the Poconos and East Coast just SHIT on your little ride on box shitty park and its also pretty funny that the tricks you guys did on like that 3 foot wide box were tricks that kids from the Poconos were doing onto urban stuff (you know, the stuff that you actually have to ollie on from the side onto?). and lastly, dont say “get over the fact that we have fun and all you care about is being better than everyone else haha you must have some real big self esteem problems buddy” because you were just putting down Fabrice’s video that was way better than your shitty edit and had way better filming (even after he said it was just showing a season of fun in the Poconos) saying your edit was gonna be way better, so learn how to ride some real shit, learn how to film, and shut your mouth you hypocritical bitch.

  59. I can not believe how serious people are getting about this, but its what evs, Im about to go finger my butthole anyway

  60. Well snowboarding in general is gay, but atleast the kids in this video got some swag. And oh to #scummit co Hesh will zeech your bitch ass, method over the rail, roast beef over the rail to taipan indy, possibly a crab grab tindy tailfish, rawrer than your moms vagina. Come get on cement, get at me DUDE!!

  61. Hahahaha Scummit Co has a tan dick.. Mr. Dick Tan In his Bed.

  62. GAY!! Come on yobeat.. Really. you put this shit up!!

  63. @ swag… yea zleach isn’t a real trick so that dumb… if he wants to do somedumb and method over the rail I can do that do that too..notice you didn’t call out any real tricks cause ur a fucking 17yo kid that lives off his parents and jerks off intp socks still..get layed and talk to me bitch

  64. what’s wrong wit dis Scummit co dood, Summit County? more like rich county, have fun spending over 100 bucks on a lift ticket or thousand for a pass n ridin around wit a bunch of gaper Texans. More like Scummits, Mt. Hood Oregon baby
    Skibowl fo life

  65. This video right here is proof that skinny stances are the worst thing to ever happen to snowboarding. I mean, I don’t think more than maybe two of the presses in this video actually got part of the board off the box.

    Come on kids, look at yourselves out there. The only thing more retarded than watching you hipsters throw tuck-knees with 15 inch stances is watching you hop onto a box and do that retarded knock-kneed-and-leaning-forward excuse for a nosepress that leaves your entire board flush with the box

  66. scummit co..
    please shut the fuck up. no one likes people who ride summit, i started there at age 14. pretty much because of people like you who think summit is the chillest. this is a fact, so get a life.

  67. Scummitco gets laid, he just thought that everyone needed to know that he has had sex. to bad it was with hunky dude, get that buthole faggot

  68. When did snowboarding start to suck? When Portland got involved? I hate all of you, this looks like the midwest?

  69. This is awesome. I saw these dudes at T Line a week before the video came out and they hadn’t really started filming. Ski Bowl is the shit. These guys are the shit. East coast is the best bro! Stay over there. I really hope that Connor was the one who posted the tiny dicks comment above.

  70. I have WAY more fun than ALL of you. The most fun of anyone. I challenge you all to a fun-off at (enter local hill here) AKA the best fucking place on the planet!

  71. must be laughing their asses of at these comments

  72. yobeat is prolly jus stoked people are coming to their site, there like “we’re rich bitch!!!”

  73. Lets be real, Snowboarders in Exile is the only snowboard movie anybody should be watching anyway. Not to hate one any of the other video’s, in comparison they both suck.

  74. here’s a video filmed in 5 laps that shits on your lil 3 day edit

  75. damn this is more intense than the jerm edit thread!

  76. this movie made me resort to drinking was the claim. not that i drink and threfore am cool, but that its way easier to comment this shitshow of a film when hungover. oh yeah fuck colorado, fuck the east coast, and fuck portland.

  77. chub goon was looking pretty taylor’d

  78. dont hit boxes bro it will bring down your rep

  79. Ok everyone, piles just wants us to know that he drinks, he’s also super cool because of he drinks end of story. Also he wants you too know how much he hates a lot of things. What a bad ass

  80. ay yo “G.” i was doing this little thing called joking when i said the bowl movie is gonna be way better. i only did that cause you guys would freak out over it, which you did, haha i don’t give a fuck who’s video is better or what you have to say haha i like the video and i know we did a good job on it for filming and editing it in one weekend. sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me 😉 SWAG

  81. i’m gonna write a book with all these comments and its gonna win an award

  82. Ok im sorry I actually am really gay and i do suck at snowboarding thats why i refuse to film because yobeat said they would never post it. and also I really like this video i was just being really sick and had my dads dick wedged in me for sometime untill he decided to pull out. again i am sorry and a huge fag…

  83. Dang scummit… you inspired me to admit I also am a huge queer and had my dads pen in my throat forcing me to write about how sick i want people to think I am because i get so drunk and act so chill all the time. sorry yobeat for gracing you with my fagness I also have a link I would like to share that may give an idea as to what kinda person I am.

  84. dang who ever just went on as me is wack. schleg is sick

  85. ad these things to the played out list please…

    1) super skinny little stances. Honestly fellas you really shouldn’t be riding with the same stance that you started with in the 5th grade. Things change, you get taller …widen those feet, you look stupid.

    2) calling people “gay” when you really mean lame… it just makes you look like a tiny minded douche bag.

  86. we skate. therefor we ride skinny stances, duh. it makes us hesher.

  87. Cam’s shout out to the govy dirts was a banger

  88. there were a lot of legit shots, but the box section at the beginning was painful to sit through. Some of the box shots should stay, but just way to much mellow box footy

  89. dude we all skate…and don’t ride tiny stances. you don’t own skateboarding. and claiming to be hesh? that makes you sooo not hesh, poser.

  90. Thanks Jesse #1 for making me aware of my total homoness.

    Thanks Jesse #2 for the compliment.

  91. good thing that scummit co and piles admitted all that stuff. I was thinking of taking their opinions to heart but now that i know that they are gay and suck at snowboarding i think i hate them. Whew dodged a bullet there. movie was boring.

  92. oooooosssh tada, thanks for the uninteligable impostering bitchboy.
    and I suck at skating, thats why i snowboard. and since you dont know me i honestly dont care what you think of me or my snowboarding. your approval is not whats been keeping me snowboarding. but this really was the worst snowboard video ever to watch with its ride on rails and lack of pop. tre squad at super park was more entertaining, and those fools have poop style.

  93. wow my girlfriend was visiting so I didn’t check yobeat for like four day and I missed the wholw shitfest. Then I sat and read through all the comments and I still haven’t watched the video. So, the question is who is the biggest loser, me or 99% of the guys above me? Btw when angrysnowboarder starts commenting, you know yobeat is getting lame.

  94. Yea that’s wasn’t me u fuckin idiots..this movie sucks there’s nothing to say…

  95. I’m alittle bitch and I wanna be hesh so bad..I’m sorry ok what do you want from me I’m. In highschool and I don’t have a job and I have rich parents that buy whatever I want.. and I have a 3in dick and I jerk off 5 times a day! Ok leave me alone

  96. Piles long explanation only proved how much he cares what we all think. He gets butt hurt over the internet, what a dweeb.

  97. scummits crying. i do have a job, a manly job where i use a powerdrill and a saw and screws and other power tools. i buy all my shit retard. and if your not down with tre squad then your drunk

  98. So hesh you gonna meet me up at hood for that game of shred or just be alittle bitch and talk shit cause you suck?

  99. oh shit! game of snow! Didn’t know we were 10.

  100. Dude I’m down with a game of shred. I will be at hood all summer. Should be dope

  101. i skate in the summer. not pay $75 for a day pass. so no.That wouldn’t accomplish anything anyways dumbass. i do NOT care if you’re better than me what so ever haha get over it

  102. Hesh,

    It’s funny because im pretty sure everyone on yobeat ragging on your video is actually hurting you and im also prettttty sure you were being dead serious when you thought it was gonna be super sick and everyone was gonna love it so dont act like you had your “master plan” in mind the whole time and go try to make some more shitty hipster videos you fag.

    P.S. Saying “SWAG” at the end made your comment that much gayer

  103. i dont know what all you haters are talkin about theese guys are awesome the whole fuck osama thing is a tottal inside joke if you cant laugh at that you are GAY. besides this is what snow boarding is about, havin fun with your friends.

  104. scummit co and piles are Osama’s butt buddies

  105. your right G. i’m so hurt. i can’t stand the pain. i’ll just go kill myself now cause i’m so hurt that three guys i don’t know are trying to make fun of me for a video i had a blast making. booooohoooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaa…


  107. i love school snowboarding is gay just hoop all day mane swag fo life halla atcha boi

  108. Hahaha wow hesh u r alittle bitch.. so if ur so hesh who are your ur top 5 hesh snowboarders then?..god this is gonne be awesome if he answers this..

  109. Michael Jordan, Ron Paul, Jon Kooley, Detroit tigers, Poopdick

  110. fuck bitches get mawnay. stop hating on stances. get over it. if it feels better than they can do it. maybe they should widen there stances to 25 inches and send it to falt for knee replacement surgery you fuckin kooks. who cares how it looks? fun is was snowboarding is about, not hating on how gay their video/stances are. fuckin poondangles.

  111. Im still trying to play scummitco in a game of snow this summer, we are going to make it happen.
    PS I only do zeach variations, and pivots, I hope you can hang

  112. i don’t think i’m hesh idiot haha its a joke. you take things too seriously

  113. man, that’s a lot of comments.

  114. Hesh- hipster and gypsys don’t count as hesh…ur a manly man you work with tools and hammers… rawr do u play highschool football to you chad?

  115. jerm is missing out on this.

  116. now i’m hesh with a “$”. which makes me hesh and thug. what now

  117. I just got instantly hyped on scummitco, because he called someone a chad, thats tight

  118. Scummit Co what is your deal, did you not get enough pats on the back when you were a child. You have to get on the internet and say that genuine fun is wack and is total bullshit, when the whole idea of snowboarding was to do it for fun I assume, if it’s anything like skateboarding. Your just a butthurt 20 some odd year old who doesn’t live with his parents who scums for everything in life and than is bummed about it so too ease your mind you in fact jerk it to your own comments on yobeat cause your so obsessed with “hating”. I think this is hilarious. Keep hating cause you keep me laughing.

  119. look at the video you are giving so much attention. holy fuck getta life

  120. I like beer and america.

    I approve of this movie. Ya’ll haytuz can GFTO muthu lickazzz

  121. I want to fuck conner browns little dirt circle

  122. these kids are awesome… however the riding was not haha

  123. Who cares about names and labels and bullshit “i’m cooler than you” hater comments. Snowboarding is the inherently 100% good thing here, for everyone. No matter which lifestyle choice you live to pursue it, it’s the best, and these friends are having a blast, killin it, and living the glorious life that snowboarding is. Peaceloveandsnow.

  124. Man all this bull shit about this video, Hesh congrats on havin fun makin this. I can tell you guys had fun with it. Quit gettin butt hurt that people are talkin shit on it. You should have expected that after making an edit full of boxes. I dont know how the Fuck Yeah’s have more than the Hell No’s.

  125. anybody that calls themselves ‘hesh’ is not hesh.


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