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Lost Boys Teaser

Peach Hat and FootyFiend apparently don’t want to grow up, but they are making a joint motion picture this year. Check the teaser and then sing “Oh Canada” in its entirety cause you’re so excited.

Featuring: Jake Fine, Kyle Loots, Lucas Ouellette, Alex Beebe, David Hull, Josh Blasman, Eric Brown, Jon Versteeg, Ezra Griffieon,
Brody Pigeau, Cody Wilson, Tyler Ashbee, Max Fine, Ralph Damman, Stephen Powling, Cory Gallon, Jordan MacDonald and Steve Cartwright

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Comments (18)

  1. canada goes hard.

  2. so sick. pumped for this one.

  3. Now this is the fuckin shit I be talkin about, half-rappin-ass muthafuckas

  4. nice peace sign in the logo d fed musta made it

  5. fucking hippies

  6. the canucks droppin hamms this is gonna be some good shit!

  7. gonna be fuckin sweet

  8. ghostface all day, one of my favorite rappers for sure

  9. FUCK YES.

    Good Shit dudes!

  10. dude… cant wait to see the video….lookin sick mad props!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There better be some naked Dfed shots.


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