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Yawgoons 2011

Rhode Island natives Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, and Brendon Rego enjoy all that Yawgoo Valley has to offer.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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Comments (17)

  1. love brendon rego’s style .. sick edit

  2. i didnt know dylan g. had switch tricks like that. what a beast

  3. Sick minus the swivel section….tail press front 3 out on the donkey was real proper..killin it rhode island? Meet up with ice coast kills shit next season fools!

  4. Dylan Gamache’s snowboarding is gang related

  5. dylan has the best style hands down!

  6. How sick would it be if someone caught their edge on that flat at the end of the downbar during a boardslide and did a front flip out and landed it?

  7. im just kidding i feel bad, that was cool as hell, love you guyzzz

  8. dylan g is goofy by the rewatch the edit….

  9. this video is good especially after five beers. A+

  10. dylan will rape your mom. switch

  11. switch 5050 cab 5 out. that was the tits.

  12. just for clarification, in the description it states that these homies enjoy “all that Yawgoo has to offer” and in the edit all I saw was a flat double barrel and a down bar with a donkey dick? regardless there were some cool tricks I give you thumbs up. Ps Ice coast is wack


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