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Dangerzone Goes Fruitboarding

Looks like the Dangerzone has decided to answer back to the Berrics’ recent snowboard mockery with a little cross-sporting of their own. Sadly, the truth isn’t as pretty as some would have you believe. They do look awfully comfy on those blades…*

*in the interest of full disclosure, we do get a lot of people searching for “rollerblading” around here, though probably mostly because of this.

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Comments (8)

  1. I wish there was still snow were i live.

  2. scooters should be melted into beer cans, and roller bladers must be amputed bellow the knee and then burnt at the steak. BLADERHATER.

  3. how is this an answer to the berrics thing
    seems pretty unrelated

  4. Some trippy moves! Caused me to relaps on my molly!

  5. fuck nick viscunti and his gang of tards