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People’s Court: Jack Herald vs Chase Blackwell

What were you doing when you were 14 years old? Most kids that age are playing video games, sneaking candy bars behind their moms’ backs, and trying to find their dad’s hidden stash of porn. The two young bucks in this weeks People’s Court were busy learning how to jib up their local park and even drop some cornices into pow. These up and coming shredders found the time to put together two diverse edits that should make their elders step their game up, but only one can win.

Jack Herald (Age 14)

Chase Blackwell (Age 12)

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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Comments (75)

  1. pablo14 can u even speak english correctly? what are you talking about all jack does is 360s? if im not mistaken there were several 7s 9s and a 10!?

  2. Hey Jack just wanted to say it was fun battling you.Your video was sick might see you in Colorado some time

  3. Chase is an annoying little kid, who can ride in powder, not that hard. Im sure if Jack lived on the west coast he would kill it in the back country as well, my vote to jack!

  4. if you realy no chase you shouldn’t talk shit I can say you suck balls or are just some low life trying to make you look cool and make some streotypes up

  5. this kid “busted”…what do you know? 3 hairs on my nuts??? lets be real… i dont have any….girls dont like that ish…though jack is my boy he is way better then this other kid…yeah hes good but have you noticed jack has been doing that stuff and even better since he was that age? seriously take a look “busted”

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