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Firing Squad: May 3, 2011

According to the elite pro snowboarders of Utah there are really only two acceptable directions you can allow your snowboard to touch and stay a rail: 90 or 180 degrees. Fortunately, not all of our readers are cliqued-out chest-waxing Mormon hipsters, as last week’s ‘Zeaching’ photo won by a landslide. Actually, I’m pretty sure there was some hip ironic voting going on there, but then again: even the most irony driven voter probably isn’t going to electronically give their tacit approval to a tindy, right?

So, this week we ask you: Get crooked or stay on the straight and narrow?

The Champ: Dariusz Orlicz

The Challenger: Daniel Krzyzanowski

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Think you can do better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. If you win the first week, you will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at Should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer will receive a place in the Champions Gallery a DAKINE Camera Pack, an additional $100 to spend as they please at, and a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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Comments (28)

  1. Challenger is good, but the Champ is just better.

  2. in the spirit of mark gonzales, stay krooked.

  3. Wow people offically have no idea what’s goin on in snowboarding.. first tranny finders loses to that shitty as edit..and now budget ass crooked nosepress on a box r gonna beat out a proper tailpress on a downbar? Ok yo beat give me a job this shit is wack as fuck

    • @scummit, please send in a resume. I would love to see what qualifications you have that enable you to control how people vote. You may also have a bright future in politics.

  4. @scummit – i would like to remind you should judging here the picture not the rider’s skills.
    Do u know the difference ?

  5. I think that I’m gonna have to be the one to point out that the rider is not zeaching in photo one. If you look closer at the photo, he IS doing a proper nosepress. He’s just doing it on the side of the box like they should be done. Just look closely though, you can see the press and twist of his board is still running parallel to the box, it only appears to be a zeach because the box is angled toward the camera so the lift of the tail creates an optical illusion.

    And seriously, @scummit, its a photo contest. I mean shit, you can send in your shitty camera phone shots of riders doing tripple-corks off buildings into goddamn pits of molten lava if you want. It’s still not gonna mean it’s a better photo just because the trick is “cooler”

  6. Picture number one is a near perfect overcrook! lets leave that to skateboarding tho! Im sure everyone who likes that photo is into swivels and phantom presses anyways!

  7. The first image is beautiful but I must say the 2nd image below that is more interesting. While the first image is gorgeous and not to take away from the photographer’s talent, ultimately he really had the benefit of the location. Many things make the 2nd image great, the reflections, the composition, the finishing is nicely done, it’s an all around creative and well crafted image.

  8. kinda dont like how sometimes these things are a popularity contest amongst friends…who can get more of there facebook friends to ‘like’ the photo…. going off of “photo” only…the top photo is clearly better.. the over all composition of the photos can be picked apart and im pretty sure the top one does it better…. i feel the bottom one is a lot of over exposure . bad lighting and a horrible angle…..would you see that photo (#2) in a snowboard mag…no probably not

  9. but you also wouldn’t see a zeech on a tiny box in a snowboard mag either

  10. Strange angle selection in the challenger’s photo based on the trick because it’s not immediately obvious that he’s in a press, but aside from that the composition absolutely annihilates the champ’s photo based on the use of lines, framing and lighting. Gotta give it to the challenger

  11. phantom press?! hahaha. 2nd photo has a creative angle and is more risky. Urban vs. Park shot with a colorful background. hmm

  12. honestly u would have to be retarded not to pick dandans pic. the quality of both pics are good but i mean come on seriously? is it a zeech contest or a sick picture contest? Dan Dan all the way.

  13. Jimbo, there is no way you could have convinced yourself the Champ’s photo is “a proper nosepress.” Come on.

  14. that isnt a nose press jimbo. thats a willie grind. i know cuz im on molly.

  15. Mr Challenger had kinda good idea. I wouldn’t try to shoot photo from inside of there… How did he get enough light to make it? But the Champ is one… Overall for The Champ

  16. Seriously…. zoom your computer in and look at which way the board is twisting. Based on the angle of the box it’s physically impossible if he’s not pressing

  17. fine jimbo, its an overcrook. you win, happy?

  18. Not until you share some of this molly you’re always talking about

  19. shooting from inside w/that exit sign reflection is rad… colors are great. me gusta le challenger.

  20. Molly will fuck your shit up newb. only a real dub stepper like myself can handle it.

  21. that was meant to JIMBO. lulz, im on molly, i forgot to include him in that sentence so hed know who im talking to. molly or die kid.

  22. champs photos gay!! Brandon shouldnt have done a press and should have gone sideways through it but, he still isnt zeeching the shit outta this picture either… challenger still wins

  23. @t swift, did i do something bad to you, that i deserve for such words ?

  24. people still dont understand this isnt rider or sickest obstacle contest, geez

  25. ugh the skater in me is kinda bummed on that helmet… (please dont debate about helmets) just saying it kinda messes up an otherwise perfect shot.


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