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Nial Romanek Hype

Last week, we figured out what will happen to Nial Romanek in the future if he stays in Tahoe, but for now he is definitely really good at riding the Northstar Park.


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Comments (29)


  2. When I immagine what I want to look like when I snowboard it looks just like this.

  3. play hype edits like this one and not colton morgans. this is whats up!

  4. What’s wrong with colt Morgans?

  5. that was sick, but i have no idea why anyone would hate on colts, that shit was rad

  6. yeah Colton’s was super good too.

  7. Yea truth what r u talking about colton morgans was way more tech and fun to watch…

  8. The truth you should change ur name to the markass buster

  9. colt

  10. herp derp berp coton is a gypsy berpa durpa this guy went slower way more steeeeze hurp derp durp swivel.

  11. tight but i would much rather look like colton when i snowboard

  12. you kids should just shut the fuck up. no one cares if you think colts was better, this isnt a sponsor me battle. nial is a serious boss, both kids rip

  13. Yesss he is a jedi!!!..Love that two different kids destroyed that park with such different styles and relevant snowboarding…Fuk comparing but coltons edit wasn’t filmed in 1 day

  14. haha tagged as “guys who are really good at snowboarding” true that dopeness

  15. That was almost as good as Colt Morgans after it was digested and shit out.

  16. i bet chris bradshaw liked this one better than colt’s. and we all know his opinion is really the only one that matters.

  17. this was filmed in one day… Nial is a boss

  18. MN has got it right, who cares how tight their pants are ya fucking fags.

  19. nial shits on colton… hard. switch front board through the down-flat-left? that right there is game over, and theres still a handful of the other hardest and scariest switch tricks. all definitely ft’s, and all clean as fuck. plus his regular shit? all ft’d and perfect? yeah right

  20. He was balls deep in this, he more than bottomed out, ehh HA HA HAAAH!

  21. that was so tight nial! why anyone is talking about colton right now, i dont know but colton looks up to nial so much so you guys even comparing him probably makes him happy.

  22. Did I miss the part where everyone ripping the park is competing against each other?

    You kids are so fucking dumb.

  23. its the new park commander everybody should put up more of this so we can argue about who sucks more haha

  24. ughhh nial! thats whats good.

  25. Colton’s is way sick, but Nial is a boss and takes those tricks to big gnarly shit in the streets.

  26. colton’s a bitch. Nial filmed that shit all in one day. This wasn’t no 2 week project. Just a slooow Tuesday @ northstar. O ya, and Colton has a small gypsy dick.


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