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FootyFIEND’s The Glide

“Snowboard parks are such a stale part of snowboarding… It’s like wakeboarding.” – Jeremy Jones

The latest Whistler Park edit from

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (15)

  1. got that kuzy fire. such a sick edit.
    I bet it gets more views than Deeper

  2. ive been warning americans about stathis all year. for some reason no one listens to me. some people just under estimate those fuckin canadians

  3. is that quote by big mountain jeremy jones or pop shuvit jeremy jones

  4. which ever jeremy jones it is can just keep on spending massive amounts of money overlooking that next level.

  5. fuck yeah, cab 270 through that kink, was hot fire

  6. took me by suprise…this was a banger!


  8. OG

  9. If that is a Jeremy Jones (jib) quote thats funny,cause his x games video part was the same trick over and over again.Talk about stale.

  10. WAAACCCKKKK!!!! This is nothing compared to Loonatics!!!! Just give up.

  11. I really hope Stepchild didn’t press a fleet of next year decks misusing the constantly abused apostrophe.

  12. This edit was filled with proper style. Park looks perfect.


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