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420 Special: Snoqualmie Laps with the Good Ol’ Boys

Happy 420. Your present is this long, shaky and not entirely in focus edit full of good ol’ Northwest vibes from the crew at SnoCon. Trust us, get stoned and just enjoy it for the next 10 minutes.

Riders: Adam Willden, Yudo Kurita, Sam Roberts, Blake Payne, Austen Sweetin, Austin Hironaka, Seth Kitzke, John Shaw, Matt Patterson and Greg.

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Comments (10)

  1. This edits a year old. I like.

  2. that kid talking in the end has weird baby facial hair.

  3. i stopped watching after they used t-puds song from hallelujah

  4. adam chillden, smoke moles, and toke bowls.

  5. Shout out to the whole 206/EastSide Posse.

  6. yes, fucks with this indeed. thought half them quit but, the homies never dissapoint.

  7. only yudo quit snowboarding so he says…

  8. Wish there was a little more celebrating of the holiday but hey you’re shop riders so I can’t fault ya. Stoked on the riding… Especially considering it was 4/20!

    When were those step down jumps setup??


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