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Shorts and Shades 2011

In light of last year’s spring GoPro edit with Sage and friends, we decided to do the EXACT same thing. But, alas, they are professionals and we are mere Go-Bros holding a funny looking stick. We had a great day as you can see, but we weren’t responsible enough to charge said GoPro and all you are watching is the first few runs of closing day 2011. Anyway, enjoy.

Riders in order of appearance: Austin Norlin, Drew Brighton, Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Evan Drage, Corey Kembitzky, Tristan Sadler, Cody Lee
And 1/3 apparently didn’t get the ‘shorts and shades’ memo.

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Comments (9)

  1. if its not the squad then why bother?

  2. multiple swivels. shorts. horrible song. no excuses. 2 out of 5 boners.

  3. Is it just me or does the dude who tried to kiss that liftie or whatever at the beginning look like Bieber?

  4. tre squad or kill yourself……

  5. So whack tre squad get’s no recognition. the real shorts and shades is gonna be nuts! wish i could go…

  6. tre squads shorts n shades is way sicker. not every one was in shorts n shades anyway. doesnt count.

  7. Hey dont worry!! Closing day at bachy is may 29th.. We are going all out.

    S&S4 baby.