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Arnette Crew Clash: Kick the Bucket vs Head West

Last week, Critters deftly defeated Dinosaurs in Outerspace, but that was just battle number one of the Arnette Crew Clash. They’ll have to win two more times to earn a spot in Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion and first, we’ve got two more crews. This week it’s Kick the Bucket, another SLC based crew from all over, and Head West out of the snowboard epicenter that is South Dakota. Only one can win, so vote and the crew with the most votes at 11:59 on Sunday, April 24 will go on to face Critters in round two.

Kick the Bucket

Riders: Andrew Aldridge, Kevin Maples, J Tucker Brown, Rob Field, Cameron Gorby, Christopher Cloud,
Edit: Andrew Aldridge
Location: Salt Lake City (Via New Hampshire)

Head West

Riders: Alex Hammerstrom, Alex Lockwood, Dan Amundson, Dan Nix, Derick Lang, Ethan Olson, James Bechina, Mikey Roynesdal, Nate Veatch, Tanner Jones, Terril Van Hemert, Zach Nix
Edited/Filmed by Tyler Hitchcock
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota​headwestproductions

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The Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette, Think Thank, Yobeat and Banshee Bungee. The winning crew’s video will be featured in the bonus section of Think Thank’s 2011 Movie “Ransack Rebellion” and will also receive a 20′ Banshee Bungee and tons of goggles, sunglasses and accessories from Arnette for the whole crew. The three runners up will also receive prizes from Arnette.

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Comments (28)

  1. chris cloud never forget qualmie ha…ktb killin it

    on another note head west needs to head the fuck west damn that place looks miserable

  2. kick the mother fucking bucket

  3. Yo Head West local kids hittin it, rep S. Dakota give it up for kids just having some fun.

  4. yawgoons will embarrass everyone w/ C footy

  5. I think head west would win if they weren’t using park footy, but all the good stuff is being saved for the video. Go watch the trailer for head west’s vid then compare the two

  6. filming is everythuinbg. fuck that doesnt matter if your homie does the biggest shit ever. if its filmed like shit it looks like shit. hands down. and yes yobeat sucks sometimes. but for real. get rid of lipton and JOAH parker they both dont know shit about snowboarding, josh you suck