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Life of Lemi 6

Lemi is back in Cali and collected “way too much footage” during two days in Tahoe. Just for you, he put together some highlights.

Riders: Andrew Parsons, Johnny Lazz, Blake Gies, Durell Williams, Danny Davis, Dakota Whitaker, Sawyer Dean, Riley Nickerson, Dave Abrata, Nial Romenek, Brian Neri, Rex Calabrese, Hardbodies and Lemi.

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Comments (10)

  1. Whats the second song with the star wars sample?

  2. Yaboy-16s with me

  3. ^^ for real that was some crazy shit nial

  4. good lord nial actually makes snowboarding look cool

  5. some good boarding of the snow right there. 4 bones.


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